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When it comes to premium dry herb vaporizers, nothing says luxury like the Zeus Arc GT’s golden technology which uses pure gold for the heat sink and the vapor path. This is solid German engineering in a very attractive package. It is not clear if the GT initials stand for Golden Technology which is most likely since this is an upgrade of the stainless-steel predecessor the Zeus Arc.  This vaporizer comes with updatable firmware ensuring that you can program your vaping sessions just the way you like it.

What is in the purchase kit?

  • Zeus Arc GT
  • USB cable
  • Pipe cleaners and Q-tips
  • Alcohol wipes
  • 5 Zeus cleaning bristles
  • 1 Glass spacer screen
  • 1 Zeus pipe cleaning tool
  • Zeus bolt grinder (optional)


The Zeus Arc GT will easily fit into the average size hand; it measures 22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm or 2 in wide and 3.5in tall. This is ideal for stealth vaping. Many people not familiar with a vaporizer will think it is another gizmo. It’s anodized aluminum exterior with matte black finish gives it a techy edge look. It has the brand name engraved on the broadside and the ‘GT’ mark on the narrow edge, and the ‘Engineered in Germany’ at the bottom just so you know you have a solid quality product.

The mouthpiece is not raised as in other brands but is a narrow-slit flush at the top of the device.  it is a bit different if you are used to the raised mouthpieces. The herb chamber has a raised lip to ease loading the herb. There Isa single control button below the mouthpiece. The three LED strips at the front of the device indicate the heating cycle. They also monitor battery life.

There is an inbuilt accelerometer which is triggered by shaking the vaporizer. The accelerometer also shuts down the vaporizer automatically if it does not detect movement for 30 seconds.  The vaporizer has haptic feedback to inform you when the vaporizer has heated up to the required temperature.

The designers thoughtfully included a multi-tool which is attached magnetically to the bottom of the vaporizer. you can use it to stir, pack, or clean.  It hides the USB port and has to be moved when charging. You can alternatively attach it to the magnetic mouthpiece.  Placing the USB port at the bottom means you can only charge the vaporizer lying on its side.

The single button below the mouthpiece is the only onboard control. There are no other buttons. you change the temperature by shaking the device with other controls done on the smartphone app.

The overall package of the Zeus Arc GT is appealing to the eye. Its golden touches give it a touch of glamor that says it is a premium product.  The exterior is scratch-proof, you can carry the vaporizer in your pocket without fearing it will be scratched by coins or keys.

Vapor quality

Golden technology has been used in the sink and pathway to aid vapor cooling as it passes through. This is because gold is one of the best heat conductors. It dissipates heat quickly along the vapor path perhaps the coolest vapor as compared to competition dry herb vaporizers.

There are 3 preset temperatures which can be chosen by waving the vaporizer. But you can also adjust using the smartphone app.  The latest firmware upgrade has added to the heating profiles you can use;

  • The out of box profiles -V4.0 Performance:401°F, 419°F, and 437°F.
  • Iceborn profile -V4.1: 401°F, 419°F, and 437°F. This is a pioneer cooling technology from this brand.
  • Flavor profile -V6.0: 365°F, 383°F, and 401°F.
  • Balanced profile -V8.0: 365°F, 401°F, and 437°F.

Most portable vaporizers suffer from having hot harsh vapors at the high temperatures, but gold technology really works. You would expect the flat mouthpiece to get hot as well, but the gold heatsink ensures that vapor passing through loses heat quickly.

The heating profiles of the Zeus Arc GT allow vaping one load of the herb in different cycles at different times, or in one long session.  This way, you can squeeze out vapor from your loads to the last milligram.

Battery life

Zeus Arc GT can go for about 90 minutes on a full charge. The charging is via the standard USB port meaning you can draw power from other devices as well as the mains.  The energy-saving motion sensor ensures that you do waste power when the vaporizer is idle.

The battery capacity is an impressive 3500mAh that can do 9 sessions in the 90 minutes of continuous use. But it is unlikely that you will be doing sessions that long. The battery has 10 minutes reserve with an alert before the vaporizer completely shuts off.

Ease of maintenance

The Zeus Arc GT comes with a thoughtful cleaning kit.  Alcohol wipes and pipe cleaners make cleaning the vaporizer easy. The Zeus Arc GT is also compatible with pods. You can load the herb into the pod for easy cleaning.  The multitool is very useful if you have to scrape the herb chamber.


At $229, the Zeus Arc GT is competitively priced considering it has gold elements.  It is cheaper than other dry herb vaporizers offering the same value package.

Zeus Arc GTHow to use the Zeus Arc GT

The raised lip of the herb chamber allows you to scoop up the herb without touching.

  • Detach the mouthpiece so that you can get to the herb chamber
  • Fill the herb chamber by scooping or filling quickly with your fingers and use the multitool to tamp down the herb
  • Attach the mouthpiece back
  • Turn on the device by pressing down the mouthpiece
  • Choose the heating cycle by tapping the button below the mouthpiece
  • Wait for the device to heat up. The vaporizer will vibrate when the heating is done the LED also lights up green.
  • Inhale the vapor

Overall, the Zeus Arc GT is a premium product with a touch of bling as states in the review on Haze Smoke Shop. There are no cons for this dry herb vaporizer. It ticks all the boxes you would want in a premium vaporizer.