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Which are the most popular cannabis varieties?

By June 21, 2021No Comments

There are many varieties of cannabis that you can grow today. Having so many alternatives can be confusing (and somewhat frustrating) for those interested, especially the newest. The varieties are many, because every day new crosses of different genetics are discovered, which give rise to very different characteristics in terms of their organoleptic properties. The most representative varieties are known as Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis.

What differences can be highlighted between Ruderalis, Indica and Sativa

Each of these types of marijuana plants has its own particular growth characteristics, as well as differences in aromas and presentation. However, most of the genetics that circulate today in the market are hybrids that mix the Sativa / Indica characteristics in different percentages depending on the grower’s objectives.

In the case of auto-flowering cannabis, these hybrids are joined by the Ruderalis inheritance, which is responsible for the speed of these genetics. In the “Weed Seed Shop” marijuana seeds store, you can get all these varieties and types of seeds, as well as the best expert advice in case you need it.

Cannabis sativa

This variety of cannabis originated in three continents, without being clear where the first place where it was cultivated was, but we know that it must be between Africa, Asia and the Americas. In large part, the characteristic morphology of Sativa is due to the adaptation of the plant to the environment, especially to humidity. That is why Sativas are the result of the interaction of the plant with more humid climates, where the plant needs to facilitate perspiration.

Effects associated with Cannabis Sativa

It usually produces an effect of euphoria and energy, so this variety is mainly used for “daytime” consumption, since it doesn’t produce narcotic effects and allow you to develop your daily activities normally. Sativa varieties have been highly appreciated by those who want to enhance their creativity because their effect is cerebral and psychoactive, they can help develop artistic activities.

Cannabis Indica

This variety comes from India and Pakistan, it is a type of variety that is highly appreciated and sought after by both growers and buyers. This variety resists very well in its growth to dry and arid climates, so its size is shorter but with a good volume of leaves.

This variety of cannabis has been used in India in religious ceremonies, also for the purpose of inducing sleep, when there are problems with insomnia. This variety is considered for night use, due to its warm and relaxing effect, it is perhaps the variety of cannabis, which many prefer for medicinal purposes.

Cannabis ruderalis

This variety is native to the regions of Kazakhstan and Siberia, which explains the particular characteristics it has, associated with that climate. The few hours of light and the low intensity that the plants received in these areas made them adapt to the environment, which is why Ruderalis does not depend on exposure to light to initiate flowering.

Last thoughts

We hope that you can take advantage of these tips when selecting the most appropriate option in your case, paying special attention to your specialist who attends you and thus getting the appropriate treatment.