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Until a few years ago, CBD oil was unknown to most, but today, many consumers enjoy its benefits, using it as a food supplement and, in specific cases, as a purely therapeutic element.

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WHAT to use cbd for?

It consists of cannabidiol or CBD, a cannabinoid present at a high concentration in cannabis, more precisely in the inflorescences and to a lesser extent in the leaves and stems.

CBD is responsible for the characteristic relaxing and soothing effects of hemp Sativa. It differs from THC because it does not produce any psychotropic or euphoric action but is relaxing, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain.

CBD is therefore widely used in treating disorders related to states of anxiety, stress and depression and particularly serious and disabling pathologies such as multiple sclerosis.

Numerous scientific studies and research over the last few years have validated and highlighted the health benefits of the intake of CBD, which helps guarantee the organism’s well-being.

However, CBD oil is currently not considered a full-fledged drug: therefore, no medical prescription is required to purchase it. It is also part of the “catalog” of light or weakened cannabis derivatives and can be easily purchased from authorized physical retailers or online.

CBD oils can still have concentrations of the active ingredient ranging from 3 to 30%.

CBD Oil: how do you obtain it?

CBD oil must not be confused with hemp oil: the latter is produced by cold pressing of the seeds and is a food supplement with precious organoleptic properties given by the nutrients it possesses.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is obtained through a particular production process that first involves the extraction of cannabidiol, only subsequently integrated into a so-called carrier oil.

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted using methods that involve the use of food-grade alcoholic solvents. The same solvents make it possible to obtain CBD crystals characterized by high purity and decarboxylated.

Alternatively, it is possible to use carbon dioxide instead to replace chemical or synthetic solvents, which would inevitably compromise the integrity of the active ingredient and, above all, the characteristic purity of the final product.

In both cases and regardless of the extraction technique, the essence obtained, similar to a mother tincture, is subsequently integrated into a carrier oil once filtered. Since the same CBD extract is in its pure state, not only does it not have an enjoyable taste, but otherwise, it would not be completely bioavailable for the body.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

The regular intake of CBD oil determines the typical benefits of a natural food supplement thanks to the significant contribution of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 and vitamin E, of which the Mediterranean diet is often deficient. 

Although CBD is recognized thanks to its characteristic relaxing action, it has an energizing effect given by the ability to promote cell regeneration, strengthening the immune defenses.

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties typical of CBD are also acknowledged, making it particularly suitable for treating chronic pain. Furthermore, CBD oil also significantly improves mood since it promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality and rest. It appears particularly effective against all those problems generally linked to anxiety and depression, reducing panic attacks.

Benefits Of Epidiolex, The New CBD Drug

Numerous scientific studies have led to the approval of Epidiolex in the USA by the Food & Drugs Administration: published in The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet. These researches have shown that CBD, in addition to other therapies and antiepileptic drugs, has significantly reduced the frequency of seizures in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome.

Conducted on a sample of about 366 patients followed for 38 weeks by administering doses of 2.5 to 20mg per day of Epidiolex per kilogram of weight, reducing or increasing the dosage up to 30mg, confirmed how the now well-known CBD drug reduced the frequency of epileptic seizures in a variable percentage from 48% to 60%, resulting in a significant improvement in the general conditions of patients in the cure, according to the Global Impression of Change scale.

Families will therefore be able to positively feed their hopes thanks to this small big step marked by the approval of the CBD drug by the European Union.

Although therapeutic cannabis, extracted as Charas, represents today a somewhat debated topic, thanks to the introduction of new therapeutic formulations, a new scenario is opening up, positively approved by the entire scientific community, eager to undertake more accurate research aimed at further demonstrating its effectiveness in the medical field.

CBD Oil Reviews And Where To Buy It

There are many positive testimonies from consumers who have found significant benefits from using CBD oil: generally taken by sublingual administration, it has immediate beneficial effects, giving individual well-being, especially in the long term.

It is therefore easy to find and is not in any way illegal since it is still a natural product. Those who buy CBD oil at – based on legal CBD status in each State – thus take advantage of the many grow shops distributed throughout the country and the numerous online e-commerce sites that present products of remarkable quality, derived from organic cannabis and certified.