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Classic Volcano Vaporizer

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Classic Volcano Vaporizer Overview

The Classic Volcano is made by German vaporizer wizards Storz & Bickel (based in Germany and Oakland, CA) and represents the top end of the vaporizer market. These advanced vaporizers are robust, table top models that offer great functionality with sleek design.

The Classic Volcano has an electromechanical construction and the rotary temperature control dial offers great variability and accuracy.

Designed to be used with balloons, the Classic Volcano is now available with an ‘Easy Valve Set’ which makes operation even simpler, avoiding the need to clean the valve and supplying pre-assembled balloons for your convenience. Also it makes changing balloons a simple process.

Alternatively you can buy the Classic Volcano with solid valve set. The main advantage of the solid valve is that you can make the vapor bags as large as you want with the vapor balloon set. Large balloons are perfect for parties. However it is more difficult to change balloons compared to the Classic Volcano with Easy Valve Set.

If you like to know the exact temperature setting it is worth while considering the Digital Volcano.

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Classic Volcano Vaporizer

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  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer - Easy Valve Kit
  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
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Product Description

Classic Volcano Rating

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Overall Rating

Classic Volcano with Easy Valve Set comes with: 

  • 1 Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • 2 Air filter sets
  • 1 Storz & Bickel custom grinder
  • 1 Easy Valve filling chamber
  • 5 Vapor balloons
  • 1 Liquid pad
  • 6 Mesh screens
  • 3 Easy Valve Clips
  • 1 Cleaning tool
  • 1 Operating manual

Classic Volcano with Solid Valve Set comes with: 

  • 1 Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • 2 Air filter sets
  • 1 Storz & Bickel custom grinder
  • 1 Vaporizer valve
  • 1 Filling chamber
  • 1 Filling chamber insert
  • 6 Mesh screens
  • 1 Balloon hose set
  • 1 Liquid pad
  • 1 Balloon clip
  • 2 Balloon ring sets
  • 1 Cleaning tool
  • 1 Operating manual

Key features:

    • Delivery Method: Balloon method. The balloon is inflated by a durable air pump.
    • Portability: This is a table top vaporizer and not intended as a portable unit.
    • Dimensions: 7.8” x 7.8” x 7.7” (20 x 20 x 18 cm).
    • Weight: Approximately 0.73 lbs (1.6 kg).
    • Power: Mains powered via 110 volt power cord with US plug.
    • Heat source: The Classic Volcano uses a steel clad ceramic heating element along with an aluminium alloy heat exchanger to deliver accurate and consistent temperatures.
    • Temperature control: Temperature is controlled via a rotary knob that is calibrated from 1-9. A diagram of the exact correlation of these settings to exact temperatures is supplied with the unit.
    • The thermostat is a bi-metallic strip that is accurate to within 9°F (5°C).
    • Most users find the ideal setting to be somewhere between 5.5 and 7. Temperature rated by the manufacturer as 266°F to 446°F (130°C to 230°C)
    • Heat up time: 3 minutes.
    • Build: The body of the Classic Volcano is of high grade brushed ‘metal’. All other materials are food safe.
  • Special features: The Classic Volcano with Easy Valve Set makes changing balloons simple and the whole vaporizing process more convenient.
  • Classic Volcano with Solid Valve Set allows you to make and use huge vapor balloons with your vaporizer.
  • Has an extremely wide temperature range which gives you the choice of vaporizing a whole range of dry blend and other aromatic substances.
  • Accessories: Comes with cleaning tool, liquid pad for vaporizing essential oils and 6 screens.
  • You can purchase a carry case with two scrolling combo locks.
  • Manufacturer: This vaporizer is manufactured by Storz and Bickel in Germany. Storz and Bickel now have an office in Oakland, CA, USA, but the manufacturing is still carried out in Germany.
  • Color options: No color options.
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty.

The Classic Volcano is amongst the finest vaporizers out there. They don’t come cheap, but what you get is quality German engineering and design.

These vaporizers are made to last and the superior quality, as compared to a cheaper made unit, is obvious. This is vaporizing at its very best.



  • Select desired temperature
  • Switch on
  • Wait 3-5 minutes
  • Grind your blend
  • Fill the chamber with your mix
  • Insert the filling chamber insert
  • If the control lamp is off - preheat your blend
  • Click the valve balloon onto the filling chamber
  • Check that the vapor density is as required (you will need to find your own favorite operating temperature)
  • Remove the full balloon from the unit
  • Separate the valve balloon from the filling chamber
  • Be sure to remove the filling chamber from the Volcano unit to avoid burning
  • Use the balloon
  • Pass, share, enjoy




  • Full 3 year warranty against normal use. Damage or defects that occur due to incorrect handling or maintenance are not covered under the warranty.
  • Should your order arrive and your Classic Volcano vaporizer is defective, a replacement will be provided free of charge.
  • To obtain your replacement, contact us within 7 days of receipt of your order.
  • Storz-Bickel’s customer service department or one of their authorized repair shops will repair faulty Volcano vaporizers not covered by the warranty or after the warranty expires.
  • Any repairs are to be carried out by Storz-Bickel’s customer service department or authorized repair shops.
  • For repairs done by one of the authorized repair shops, proof of the following must be presented: repair date, type, extent of repair and the company’s name and signature. Only original Storz and Bickels parts may be used for repairs.
  • Failure to comply with these points listed above will release Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co. KG from any and all liability.






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Most Popular Reviews

Simply the best

Reviewed on 5/12/2014
You pay for what you get and this is quality.
49.43% of 530 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No


waiting for my vape
Reviewed on 7/13/2013
Just ordered my new digital volcano, waiting til the morning for shipment! can't wait to see how it is. I have read that some people still have the need to smoke vs vape. I could not give an honest review yet, I did not use it yet.
46.58% of 453 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Volcano Fan

Reviewed on 11/7/2014
I have had my Volcano for eight years now and it works as well as it did the first time.
This machine will last forever I think. Worth every penny.
52.27% of 308 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

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