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Vaporizer Benefits

What are vaporizers and how do they work?

Vaporizer models offer all kinds of different bells and whistles, but at their heart they do one simple thing well. Vaporizers heat dry blend and essential oils to a high temperature usually between 285 °F (140 °C) and 392 °F (200 °C) and at this point the essential oils within  your blend will vaporize. 

Save your health

  • Vaporizers offer a mist like vapor
  • In addition; the vapor created usually has very little odor as again, nothing is burnt.

Save your money

  • Vaporization is a pure way of extracting the active ingredients within your aromatherapy oils.The main benefits of using a vaporizer are obvious and it’s why there is a generation growing up with a safer and healthier way to consume their dry blend and aromatherapy oils.


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