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VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer

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VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer Overview

  • Highly compact tabletop vape
  • Designed by industry leaders VaporBLUNT
  • Range of temperature settings up to 800F
  • Use with blends, oils or waxes, with direct or via whip
  • Super simple operation
  • Incredibly efficient

VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer

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  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer  - Box
  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer - Power Cord
  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Vaporizer - Mouthpiece
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Product Description

VaporBLUNT Baker Rating

Vapor Density
Vaporizer Quality
Temperature Control
Ease of Use
Overall Rating

The VaporBLUNT Baker vaporizer comes with:

  • 1 x Baker vaporizer
  • 1 x 3ft whip
  • 1 x Dry blend bullet
  • 1 x Oils bullet
  • 1 x Glass dab dome
  • 1 x 14mm GonG adapter
  • 1 x 14mm PonG adapter
  • 1 x 18mm PonG adapter
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Wooden stir stick
  • 1 x Quick start guide

Key Features

  • Delivery method: Via whip or water tool (sold separately)
  • Portability: Not portable, desktop vape only
  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 5” (8.9cm x 12.7cm)
  • Weight:
  • Power: Mains powered
  • Temperature control: A range of heat settings from 300 – 800F (148 – 426.6C)
  • Heat up time: 160 seconds to 370/400F to a max 5 minutes to 800F
  • Build: Strong plastic outer, ceramic encased stainless steel heating element
  • Accessories: Various accessories included, water tool sold separately
  • Manufacturer: VaporBLUNT
  • Color options: Available in Black
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty


The boys at VaporBLUNT have brought us some substantial vaporizers over the years. Think back to the groundbreaking Palm and Palm 2.0, not to mention the Pinnacle Pro which is still leading the way in terms of portable vapes. Well, now those clever people over at VaporBLUNT have put all their technology and knowledge into something completely new: The Baker.

Now, the Baker is designed to be a desktop vape, but it’s not your usual gigantic boxy home addition. At just 3.5” tall and less than 5” wide, it’s really not much bigger than an iPod docking station. But don’t let its compact size fool you. The VaporBLUNT Baker vaporizer is designed to pack a punch in the performance stakes too.

The ceramic heating element and stainless steel chamber are incredibly refined, letting the Baker vaporizer achieve temperatures of as high as 800 degrees F (that’s over 426 degrees C). And it doesn’t take hours to heat up either. At the regular temperature range of 400F or thereabouts, you can hit your required temperature in around 160 seconds. If you want to go to the extreme, those top temperatures are typically reached within 5 minutes.

This is the first time that VaporBLUNT have brought out a desktop vape, and it’s their expertise in creating groundbreaking portable vapes that has made this one so incredible. Using the ‘bullet’ style loading system which was made so popular with the Pinnacle Pro, desktop users can now also enjoy a mess free, hassle free method of loading, making vaporizing so much easier every time.

The users were put first when the company developed this design, and not just for the easy loading either. The super simple single button operation and temperature dial makes this vape completely idiot proof (not that we’re saying anything too personal there!). It really is something that you can simply switch on and use, without needing a degree in electrical engineering.

However, if you are a more experienced user and enjoy tailoring your experience, the VaporBLUNT Baker vaporizer really delivers here too. The three adaptors (two PonG and one GonG) make it possible to use all sorts of attachments and accessories to enhance your vaping experience.

The designers really put the user at the heart of the design process, and invested in streamlining and simplifying everything about it. The Baker really is one of those vaporizers that you can invest in once, and keep using for years.



  • Select the appropriate bullet for the material you are using
  • Fill the bullet with your blend or oil
  • Turn on the Baker using the single power button on the front
  • Select your required temperature using the dial
  • Wait for it to heat up, which will take from 50 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the required temperature
  • Place the bullet in the heating chamber
  • Screw on the cap with your desired adapter and whip tubing or water tool


  • The Baker vaporizer comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty covering the unit under normal use.
  • No refunds will be given, exchange, repair or store credit only
  • Should your order arrive and your Baker vaporizer is defective, a replacement will be provided free of charge. To obtain your replacement, contact us within 7 days of receipt of your order


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