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Forms of Taking CBD Oil

There are multiple options when it comes to taking of CBD oil. Based on the condition, sometimes some forms would be picked over the others. It is the reason you might want to learn more about the different forms of CBD oil. Some of the common forms include tinctures, vapes, sprays, concentrates, capsules, and topicals. All of them are good with each being good for a certain application.

Let us get to check each one out so that to know what will be great for you.


Tinctures are quite common and you will get many people using them all the time. Tinctures are also seen to be quite pure as compared to the others. Their pureness is also almost as good as that of concentrates. It is common to find some brands adding a bit of flavor to the tinctures. This makes it easier for consumers to use them.

So, how do you use it? You simply have to drop a few drops under or on your tongue. You then hold the oil in the cheeks as much as possible. For it to be effective, do not swallow right away.

Some of the cons of tinctures are that sometimes you spill the drops while using it. Other than that, it should be a good way of consuming CBD.


It does come with up to 10 times the concentration of the other CBD forms. You should find it being convenient to consume. It only takes a few seconds to consume and also lessens the chances of getting messy. The same cannot be said for drops.

Well, you cannot expect concentrates to be flavored. The manufacturers try to maintain the CBD in its purest form. Also, beginners might be intimidating to use as they are also often shaped like syringes.


The capsules, on the other hand, come in handy when it comes to using CBD with ease. You can take the capsules as daily supplements without it looking weird. Well, if you also take vitamins or other supplements, this one will easily integrate into your daily routine.

You will have to keep in mind the overall the dosage. The capsules will offer an average of 10 to 25mg CBD. Since the capsules will offer exact CBD content, then it should be easy for the users to track the daily serving with ease.

If you are given a specific dosage to follow, make sure to stick to that dosage.


Another option of using CBD is when it is in the form of topicals. The topicals include salve, lotion, lip balm, and salve. The use of topicals is important to help with inflammation, acne, chronic pain, cancer treatment, and more.

The good thing is that with topicals, you just have to apply them to the affected area. With no direct consumption of CBD, you get spared of the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Well, some might not like getting high and this is the best solution for them.


Sprays are also a nice option when it comes to getting the best CBD oil form. Generally, sprays are for those looking to use CBD oil in its lowest concentration. You will often get the sprays having a concentration of 1-3mg. It can also be hard to determine the exact dosage that you are taking because it is in spray form.

The sprays are common as an on-the-go type of CBD use. You can check out Hempworx 500 CBD oil benefits and you can easily take them out and use while on the move. Just spray the oil into your mouth a few times and you are good to go.


Vaping has grown to be quite popular right now. People now prefer it to some other forms. This is where you get to vaporize CBD oil. It might not have a strong effect as concentrates, but it works faster.

You will also find that CBD oil used in vaping will have flavors. This should make vaping better overall. As a result, you should a good time when it comes to using it on overall.

Which one is the best?

Choosing the best one is based on personal preference. You are always going to have a good time when it comes to using the CBD oil knowing that the form you have chosen is good for you. You can start with one mode and try others are you get used to using CBD oil.