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Cannabis Strains Fruity Flavor

If you have used different types of cannabis strains, then you know that they do not taste the same. Some might be fruity, while others will have different types of flavors. It is possible that you can get different flavors, which some you can love and others not so much.

Well, having the natural fruit taste and aroma should be something that drives many people to consider getting it. This is because the fruitiness makes it even better to use cannabis more often. Well, the fruity flavor can vary from strain to strain. It is therefore important to pick one that can deliver on some good fruity flavor. If you have no idea where to start, below is a list of the top cannabis strains with a fruity flavor. Sensi seeds are the perfect choice if you are looking to grow your cannabis plants. Auto-flowering seeds could also make growing your weed easier.

  • Strawberry cough

This is one of the best options when it comes to using the best cannabis strain. It is a delicious Sativa that is going to help with easing your stress away. As a result, you can find it is quite popular among users.

Another good thing about it is that it does come with some euphoric effects. Such effects combined with the strawberry flavor make it one of the best on overall. You are going to have a good time working with it as compared to some other strains.

The plant generally tends to be taller. As a result, it will be great to grow outdoors. Nevertheless, if you have space indoors, you can still grow it.

The plant does come with good smoke quality. This is because it contains 11 to 12% THC. This is controllable and good to use for a chill session.

  • Blueberry

This is still another good option when it comes to using it on overall. It is a potent Indica hybrid, which makes it highly resinous as compared to some other strains. People love it for having a sweet and fruity aroma. As a result, you will have a good time using it overall.

The plant can grow up to 150cm, so this means you might have to give the occasional trim. This helps it even grown into a bush shape.

Since you can harvest it in just eight weeks, it is something that will make more people feel the need of getting one. Well, it is not the best yielder, but it does come with plenty of THC and CBD as compared to the others on the market.

For many people, they simply love it for the sweet aromas.

  • Super lemon haze

Even from the name lemon, you can easily tell the kind of taste and aroma you are likely to experience. This is one of the top flavorful strains on the market right now. It does come with a citrus, lemon, and lime combination of flavors. It should be more reason you get more people looking to get it. Well, another good news is that the strain is quite potent.

It is quite potent considering that it has a THC level of 19.33%. You might want to go easy on it at first before increasing the dose later on. Another thing is that the strain does take about 10 weeks to flower. It is not a long time for you to wait for it to be ready for harvesting.

The yield is also not bad so you should have enough for yourself.

  • Fruit Spirit

This is also another good choice for those that need a Sativa strain full of flavor. Many also find it being super delicious. It should be more reason you find it is quite popular at the moment.

The strain does take 7 to 8 weeks to flower. This should be a good range for those who need a product that flowers better as compared to the others on the market.

The strain can also be quite tall, so expect that most people would grow it outdoors. Also, you can get better yields outdoors.

With 18% THC level, it can deliver on an intense high that might just knock your socks off. This is good for those looking for some good high.

  • White Berry

The White Berry strain is a Sativa, so expect it to have some mind-blowing effects. It does come with a high that can be described as one out of this world. It is going to make you feel as your head is about to explode. Well, in a good way.

The strain is loved for being sweet, and also for its fruitiness. You are going to have a great time smoking it without necessarily drooling. It does take only 8 weeks to flower. As a result, it is going to work great for those who need a punchy drain that does not take long to mature.