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marijuana vaping

Terms like vaping, electronic cigarettes, electronic liquids, vaporizer, clearomizers have become a trendy topic for discussion from the past few years. It is considered a healthy alternative to smoking. So let us know what vaping is. In simple words, we can say it is the act of inhaling the vapor that any e-cigarette or vaporizer produces. In most cases, vapors are smokers who try to quit smoking and search for other alternates to get their desired nicotine.

The growth of vaping in recent years has decreased the smoking levels which is quite impressive. Every person has a different perspective to vaping. For a smoker who has already spent years and has tried different methods to quit smoking, for him vaping can prove to be a life-improving or life-changing miracle. For other people, it could be joyful.

In this article, we are going to talk a lot about vaping from different styles to tell the best vaping method. There would be no confusion and you could make the best decision for yourself.

Different Styles of Vaping

  • Standard Vaping

Standard vaping is one of the most common ways to which all smokers are familiar with. It is just mouth to lung inhalation in which the person inhales the vapor into his mouth before inhaling it into the lungs. This method is the same as that of smoking but less harmful than that. For a moment liquid stays in the mouth and then gets swallowed.

  • Cigalike Vaping Style

Most of the beginners start their vaping journey with a cigar like style which consists of an electronic cigarette. These E-cigarettes are small in size and are lightweight and its design gives the feeling of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette comes in two battery variants. One is manual and the other is automatic. In manual the atomizer gets activated by just pressing a button and start making vapor. While in automatic mode the atomizer activates automatically once a person starts inhaling.

  • Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping has a different scenario. In this vaping is done with the atomizers that have resistance level below 1. Vaping is done with a stable and powerful power setting. The main goal of sub-ohm vaping is to increase vapor production. A good quality vape juice is used in sub-ohm vaping with low nicotine level as more vapor is inhaled in sub-ohm method as compared to that of the standard vaping method. So there is no need for a high amount of nicotine.

  • Dry Herb Vaping

There are a lot of shapes and sizes available for vaporizers. Some have the option of variable temperature setting while some are designed for dabs. In case a person wants to vape medical marijuana, he needs dry herbs.

Other things that you may be interested in

A proper method of vaping makes the experience enjoyable for a person. We have tried to collect a few points that can be considered to vape properly

  • Select the right liquid that works best for you according to your taste. It might be a difficult process so it is better to do the selection through experimentation and once you find the best liquid according to your choice, the vaping experience improves to a huge extent.
  • E-cigarette works on the heating coil which causes the liquid to evaporate and forms vapors. Primer puff plays the role of catalyst and helps in the immediate starting of the vaping session. Holding down the button carries out the primer puff which ensures that evaporation starts correctly. Hence make sure you use the Primer puff correctly making it enjoyable for you.
  • Most people have a common belief that e-cigarettes are simply inhaled like a normal cigarette which is not true. As in the case of tobacco chewing, nicotine is absorbed by the soft tissue of the mouth and there is no need for inhaling. Similarly, a vapor can absorb the same amount of nicotine without considering inhaling.
  • Many people prefer short drags on e-cigarettes which leaves them with an unsatisfying experience because the liquid inside e-cigs takes time to evaporate. They lag the enjoyable vaping session and increase their chance of ingesting excess e-liquid accidentally. So this practice is something that needs to be avoided.
  • Take approximately 5 to 6 draws of the vaporizer before holding the vapors into the mouth for few seconds.