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Vaping is rapidly replacing smoking in the marijuana industry. It is one of the revolutionary invention related to marijuana. Many people opt to use vaporizers compared to smoking because it is less harmful to the lungs as well as it is classy. Vaping is also convenient as someone can use it without drawing attention.

Here is a look at the best vaporizers available in the market today.

G Slim Vaporizer Snoop Dogg Bush Edition

The G Slim is comprised of a,

  • 1 G slim Battery,
  • 1 Wireless USB charger,
  • 1 G slim Tool,
  • 1 G slim Tool,
  • A ground material G slim Tank.

The G slim has some extra-ordinary features. It has a direct draw, easily portable (small and 0.1 lbs. heavy), an automatic temperature control, fast heat time, battery-powered, high durability and comes with a one-year warranty.

The G Slim Snoop Dogg bush edition is specifically designed to provide magical dried aromatherapy marijuana sessions. Its miniature size will steal your heart. It has a quick heating feature that takes less than 10 seconds to have your dried marijuana heated. You can now enjoy your puffs without anyone noticing.

The G Slim Snoop Dogg Bush Edition was a dedication to Snoop Dogg’s ‘Bush’ album. It is one of the Grenco Science breakthrough products. It stands out in the vaporizers industry.

How to use it:

It is easy to get it steaming, just,

  • Unscrew the top,
  • Then load your dried,
  • Screw back the top,
  • Press the power button five times for activation,
  • Hold the button and enjoy our steam.

Also, G slim Snoop Dogg bush edition comes with a one-year warranty although no refunds are made, only exchange and repairs. A defected order will be replaced free of charge.

White Rhino Dube Air Vaporizer

This is an upgrade of the Dube vape. It is a superb improvement with some features from a different dimension. It comes with the following components;

  • One Dube Air vaporizer,
  • One quartz Rod Atomizer,
  • One clear mouthpiece,
  • A USB cable charger,
  • One loading tool.

The White Rhino Dube Air Vaporizer has some outstanding features; it is compatible with all forms of waxes and concentrates. It has one Ceramic Rod Atomizer as well as a 510-threading component. Its features are the upgraded and combined white rhino and packs feature assembled in a miniature portable vaporizer.

The Rhino Dube Air offers enthusiasts a more discreet vaping experience, to them, it is like mana from seventh heaven. It is a reduced version of Dube V2 Air having undergone about 50% reduction.

How to Use

Load the cartridge with 0.3-0.5 grams of wax. The wax oil will surround the heating elements. Hence, easy continuous heat conduction resulting in an exemplary vaping experience.

Remember to fully charge the Dube before you put it into its first use. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Screw the wax-oil into the charged battery,
  • Remove the mouth of the cartridge carefully,
  • Load your wax into the cartridge after holding the battery vertically,
  • Securely fit the mouthpiece back onto the cartridge,
  • Press the side button five times continuously until you see flashes of green light,
  • Inhale while holding the button down when the flashing stops,
  • Repeat for continual use,
  • Press the button five more times before switching it off when you are done,
  • The tube should be cleaned using the provided brush after use,

The white Rhino Dube comes with a 90-day warranty.

Atmos Kiln Vaporizer

This is one of the latest wax pen and a Mod Hybrid. It comprises of the following components

  • One kiln wax attachment,
  • A 950 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery,
  • A micro USB cable charger,
  • A Dab Tool,
  • Manual.

The Atmos Kiln has excellent features. These include,

  • A 510-threading system compatible with any other 510 threaded batteries,
  • A 100% ceramic made advanced Disc Atomizer,
  • A long-lasting lithium-ion battery giving you excellent long vaping sessions,
  • Compact and consistent with the power of desktop rigs,
  • High-quality heating elements that do not ruin the taste of vape.

Atmos, unlike other vaporizers, produces undiluted rigs, which is just a fantastic revolution in the vaporizer industry. The high-quality ceramic prevents the wax from coming into contact with wicks hence burns wholly and slowly.

Atmos is designed with the universal 510 threading system which is compatible with other batteries of the same genre. It gives the Kiln the power of bigger desktop rigs.


  • Use a range of between 5-13 Watts for an incredible performance,
  • A temperature between 300-400 degrees is recommended the temperature control battery,
  • Fire in intervals of 3 or 4 seconds when using the kiln. This action will prolong the life of your ceramic,
  • Higher settings than the recommended damages the heating system,
  • Note that pulsing and discharging rates are different between different battery brands. Starting at five then upward progression is a safe recommendation.

Atmos Kiln comes with a five-year warranty.

G Pen Vaporizer

G Pen vaporizer is another game-changer in the vaporizer industry. Available at an affordable price of $70. Here is what is comprised of,

  • One rechargeable battery,
  • One USB cable charger,
  • One wall adapter,
  • Three cleaning tips,
  • One cleaning brush,
  • Two glass sleeves,
  • One user manual.

Here are some of the G Pen fantastic features,

  • It offers a direct draw delivery,
  • Easily portable,
  • Small and light (0.7 lbs.),
  • Rechargeable battery,
  • Automatic temperature control,
  • Fast heat time,
  • Made of pure stainless steel, glass and durable material.

It is a product of the giant Grenco science company and is available in black.

It is made explicitly for dried. The quality of the used materials is from a different world. It has a heating chamber tanks something which is new. It is efficient and easy to use. It is convenient, and now you can steam right inside your office without attracting attention.


  • Charge the battery for use,
  • Press the button five times to lock or unlock,
  • Open the top to expose the heating element while the vaporizer is locked,
  • Reattach the top after loading your desired amount of dried,
  • Explore the vaping experience,

It comes with a one-year warranty without refunds.

Cloud v vaporizer

Just as the name says it all, Cloud V is the king of clouds. It comes with the following components

  • A battery unit,
  • Retractable USB cord charger,
  • One tank,
  • A manual.

Cloud V has the following key features,

  • A direct-draw delivery method,
  • Easily portable unit,
  • Sizeable,
  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery,
  • A variable temperature control system,
  • Less than 10-second heat up time,
  • Aluminum alloy-built body and a platinum optimizer,
  • Leather Cloud V case with replaceable optimizers and replaceable O rings,
  • At least 17 colors available.

As a very promising newbie in the market, Cloud V is a wonder of in the field of e-pen vaporizers. It is easily portable as it has a small size of only 3 inches. The platinum atomizer is extra durable. It has at least nine coils wrapped around a fiber wick hence quick vapes without the risk of combustion.


  • Fully charge your atomizer before use. At most 40-minute 0f charging is recommended by the producer,
  • Shorter bursts of charging are essential for prolonged battery life,
  • Before the first-time use, press and hold the cloud’s button for at least 10 seconds,
  • Remove the top to reveal the atomizer,
  • Load the dried blend onto the atomizer up to a third full,
  • Replace the top cap and explore the experience,
  • The blue LED will indicate that the cloud is properly functioning,
  • Remember to hold the button for 5 to 10 seconds while vaping.

Cloud comes with a lifetime battery warranty.