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Source Orb XL Vaporizer

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Source Orb XL Vaporizer Overview

The Orb XL Vaporizer has a sleek and futuristic durable finish which resembles the style of a pen couple with a wax intake system. The Grade 1 Titanium Coils and First ever Triple Coil Quartz Rod Atomizer ensures that it heats up just in 5 seconds to pleasure your vaping lust.

Source Orb XL Vaporizer

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  • Source Orb XL Vaporizer
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  • Source Orb XL Vaporizer - Kit
  • Source Orb XL Vaporizer - Kit
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Product Description

The Source Orb XL Vaporizer come with:

  • 1 x Orb XL Attachment
  • 1 x Variable Voltage Battery
  • 1 x Quartz Rod Triple Coil Atomizer
  • 1 x Quartz Rod Double Coil Atomizer
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x eGo Charger
  • 1 x Travel Case

Key Features:

  • This is the XL edition, meaning you will be a getting an Extra-large vaporizer which will fit comfortably in your grips, It sports a sleek and durable design to be both ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is 510 Threaded, and boasts an Advanced Air Flow system with Grade 1 Titanium Coils coupled with a The World’s First Ever Triple Coil Quarts Rod Atomizer which give you a massive cloud output.
  • The Voltage is interchangeable (2.7x – 4.2v) with a Battery of 1300mAh.


Source’s Orb XL is a beautiful marriage of performance and raw power and is the only one of its kind! Thought the Orb Wax Pen Vaporizer was cool? The Orb XL retains the similar architecture and function of the Orb such as the variable voltage battery so you will feel just at home, but enhances it with a larger size and a completely redesigned 10 vent airflow system which is paired with the world’s first TRIPLE Grade 1 Titanium Coil Quartz Rod Atomizer. 

This is the proof that bigger is better!

Right out of the box, the fact is undeniable that the Orb XL is a behemoth when compared to the original version, both in power and size. The XL is crafted out using the revolutionary technological innovations which are introduced for the first time in the wax pen industry. You might find that there are many other competitors who are trying to imitate our technology and come up with cheap knock offs, but no will ever be able to copycat what we are offering! The wax pens here at Source are always light years ahead of what competing industries are offering. Want to know more? Not only is the Orb XL the world’s first vape pen to couple itself with Grade 1 Titanium, but it is also the pioneering wax pen to include a humongous Triple Coil Quartz Atomizer!

Quartz Rod Titanium Coil Atomizer

Even before the market started to realize the potential of a dual coil atomizer, the people at Source pioneered the technology and started using it. And now with the Orb XL the same technology is taken to the next level, Feast your eyes on the first ever triple coil atomizer! Tired of regular small clouds of smoke? They are not satisfying you anymore aren’t they? Don’t blame us later because you have been warned! The Orb XL’s atomizers can hold about a gram of concentrate which results in a storm of potent clouds and heat! This is hands down a dabber’s dream machine. Only the highest quality materials were used for the production of its quartz rods which are enjoined with Grade 1 titanium coils making sure that your dab retains that luscious flavor which you were always looking for!

Variable Voltage Battery

Complementing the final outing of the original version of the Orb, The Orb XL also features a variable voltage battery system but which is customized to be the bigger brother holding a juice of around 1300mAh, almost double the original! The voltage is adjustable between 2.7v to 4.2v which allows you to choose the best power level suitable for you. Want to reveal the true hidden power of the Orb XL? Crank up the voltage settings to the max and combine the triple coil atomizer to create professional quality fierce dabs! Not in the mood for an intense experience? Want to take it slow? That option is included as well. Just lower down the temperature settings to minimal and couple it up with a dual coil atomizer to get a subtle relaxing session to chill out your stress. The Orb attachment is also provided which sports a 10 vent airflow system for enhanced and versatile vapor draws with liquid like mobility.



  • 1 Year Warranty For Battery
  • 30 Day Warrant for Atomizer
  • Life time Warranty for Attachments.


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