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using vaporizer efficiently

The vaping culture has taken the marijuana industry with a blow. It is getting popular because it is more classy, healthier and safer than smoking. It can is used with both medical marijuana and legal marijuana. If you do not believe this, ask Willie Nelson, the cannabis activist and country music legend who could not resist the vaping culture and had to down his joints and bongs.

For beginners, vaping might be a hectic thing to learn if not intimidating. Well, if you want to experience a world-class vaping moment, then you must know all the tricks on vaporizers. Let’s have a look at the handful must-know tips for all vapers.

How Vaporizers work

The main difference between vaping and smoking is that vaporizers do not combust the herb, it uses its heating chambers to draw the herbs contents without burning it. Unlike smoking, vaporizing serves you with pure cannabinoids and terpenes without pollutants such as carbon monoxide.

How on earth is this possible? Well, vaporizers use conductive and convective heating principles to extract the herb’s compounds. Convective principled vaporizers work by heating the air around the herb which in turn heats the steam out of the herbs. On the other hand, conductive vaporizers work by heating the surface below your marijuana herb; this heats the herb steaming it up. Note that if you are using conductive vaporizers, they need to be occasionally shaken as you use to avoid burning the product.

Smoking weed has effects similar to those of tobacco which include the development of lung cancer. Vaporizers are designed to steam up the herb and not burn it hence the worry of daily smoke associated with smoking is eliminated. You can enjoy your health-friendly marijuana intake.

Vaping allows you to obtain more compounds from your buds compared to smoking. With vaporizing, THC and CBD compounds are not contaminated or deionized through the combustion process. Your bud can be used effectively for a longer time as the vaporizers heat at a low temperature well below 200 degrees compared to smoking which burns at 2000 degrees.

How to vape effectively

  1. Preheat your vaporizer

Picture yourself preparing a roasted lamb; you will need to preheat the oven first as you cannot just dumb your lamb steak into a cold oven. The same thing applies to vaporizers, turn it and let it heat up as you get your herb ready.

  1. Use Dry Weed

Just like smoking, vaping requires dry herb, only that it should be slightly drier than what is used in joints and bongs as the vaporizers use low2er temperatures.

Ensure that the weed is super dry by squeezing it between your fingers and test the texture. Note that there is a risk of spoiling your vaporizer if you use extra moist buds.

  1. Grind It Fine

For you to get an excellent vaping experience, you must ensure that you grind your buds correctly.  You are advised to use a high-quality grinder, but the aim is getting the finest grind the method does not matter. Well, do not waste your hard sought weed by grinding it into a fine powder as this will not vaporize. Remember that you are after very even vaporization for a quality experience.

  1. Packing the chamber

I know, as a beginner you are aiming at using your precious weed sparingly, well ensure that you pack enough weed into your chamber. A tightly packed chamber will likely produce quality and thick clouds depending on the size of the vaporizer. To be sure, pack your chamber to its fill and then gently compress it with your finger cautiously as it is very fragile.

  1. Vape shallowly and steadily

Well, we are not burning bong here, hence no need to take deep fast draws as if your bud is burning out.  You are advised to take shallow, sure breaths which will allow vapor to flow from your mouth into the lungs. There is also no need to hold in the air in your lungs in the hope of getting high in a flash as THC and CBD are instantly absorbed when you breathe in.

  1. Temperature regulation

Temperature control is key to vaporization. Heat with low temperatures and be sure get light vapor while the high temperature will likely burn your buds or ruin your vaporizer. There are no specific temperatures for vaporizing, but 340 degrees Fahrenheit is advisable as the buds combust at 420 degrees.

However, experts suggest that heating to the maximum of 420 degrees is the best as all the compounds will be steamed out of the buds, and it produces wonderful thick clouds. You should try these temperatures if you are not worried about smoke. If you are avoiding smoke, then you should stick between 340 to 420 degrees for the quality vaping experience.

Remember, you are after complete or near to complete extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from your buds and at the same time getting a thick, heavy and smooth vapor.

  1. Cleaning your vaporizer

You must learn how to maintain your vaporizer if you want it to last longer and continue to be a faithful servant. Different vaporizers have different procedures for cleaning which are clearly stated and if you are not sure Google will offer better answers. A poorly maintained vaporizer will often produce noxious vapor with the taste of metal.

Some parts of the vaporizer may require regular replacement whenever the need arises. Contact the manufactures to check if this is catered for in the warranty. Happy vaping!