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Everybody knows that smoking can cause many health issues if inhaled, some very bad, even fatal. Lung cancer, heart stroke, Alzheimer’s, throat cancer are only a few.

Smoking is addictive, and when people realize that they’re addicted it’s already too late to quit easy, and they’re hooked. But what about Vaping?

Although the relevant research on the medicinal effects of dry herb vaporizers needs to be completed, the studies that are available up to the moment they show positive results on the use of vapes and offer smokers addicts a safer and healthier alternative. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and offer a cleaner choice for smokers.

There seem to be many parameters taken in mind when you make comparisons (for example when you compare smoking joints to dab pens or wax vaporizers and dry herb vaporizer), but studies show that “Vaping” is generally considered to be much healthier than standard cigarettes. Many people make their Vape juice also.

Moreover, many users are advocating for dry herb vaporizers to be part of healthcare programs to help tobacco smokers quit as well as to be used for medicinal purposes.

But how is vaping healthier than smoking?

Here a list of generally accepted reasons for one to prefer Vaping to joints.

Vape contains less toxic chemicals.

When you smoking a joint or blunt, most of the smoke you’re inhaling contains lung irritants and particles that aren’t cannabinoids. When Vaping weed, you don’t burn the stuff-you just warm it up. Vaping doesn’t involve the combustion of Cannabis in comparison with a pipe or a bong. Most of the vapor you’re inhaling contains those sweet cannabinoids. This is a huge difference as you’re getting a 95% lung irritant-free vape. Additionally when you Vape you taste the Terpenes and you can taste the aromas of each marijuana strain much better. Cannabis tastes cleaner and more tasty.

Vaping Doesn’t Prevent Oxygen Saturation

Inhalation of carbon monoxide (CO), a substance in all tobacco cigarettes, can have extremely harmful effects on your respiratory system. This is because CO binds much more quickly to red blood cells than oxygen does, allowing CO to take the place of oxygen on the cell, and speedily gets transported into the bloodstream.

Meanwhile, vaporizers don’t contain CO. Since the incomplete burning of substances produces CO, and since vapes use a vaporizing system rather than burning substances, there is little risk of CO poisoning when using a vaporizer.

Furthermore, the risk of CO is reduced when using a dab pen vape to smoke cannabis, as it is much safer than using a dab rig to do so which would require burning wax and inhaling the toxic fumes.

Vaping Won’t Cause Teeth Decay

Using vaporizers reduce the problem of oral problem in general and some dentist often suggest vaporizers as an alternative and a ‘harm reduction’ solution for those who want to quit tobacco smoking.

Dentists today are all taking a sigh of relief due to the rise of vaporizers. While there is currently little research on their oral benefits, they clearly won’t have the visibly negative impacts on dental hygiene that standard cigarettes do, since vaporizers don’t produce tar.

Vape Gives a Better High

In comparison with smoking blunts or joints, vaping cannabis provides a much more clear high experience. When smoking, you get an instant buzz on the head, combined with watery eyes and often a dry mouth. Many users say that this is a result of inhaling the toxins that come from combustion.  But when you vape you get a high feeling that is usually more subtle, more pure, and longer-lasting. An overall healthier experience.

Vaping Lowers Your Risk of Damaging Others’ Health

Smoking is famous to contain several carcinogens, the dangerous and addictive nicotine, the carbon monoxide, and an awful smell. Passive smoking of vaporizers is considered much less dangerous than the second-hand smoking of cigarettes because there is no burning and no smoke is released – only vapor. As a result, the lack of carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals released from the vape make it a much healthier choice for communities. If you want to avoid harming the loved ones in your home, vaping is the way forward.

Vaping is cheaper

Studies have shown that vaporizers convert around 45% of the supplied THC into vapor, where a typical joint only converts about 25% of the supplied THC into smoke.

Moreover, all those paraphernalia like wraps, papers, pipes, etc. add extra costs to a smokers’ pocket. With that intense 88% non-cannabinoid smoke, you’re wasting a lot of material and cash on a low-grade high. Vaping fixes this.

After purchasing a vaping device, each puff you make is saving you money because you’re getting a lot more cannabinoids into your body.