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PuffCo Pro Vaporizer

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PuffCo Pro Vaporizer Overview

The PuffCo Pro Vaporizer is a groundbreaking new vaporizer that aims to revolutionize the vaping industry! With a completely coil-less Ceramic Bowl atomizer and an innovatively engineered “Dart” technology, the device is able to combine both Conduction and Convection vaporizing to produce a consistent flow of delicious vapors! 

PuffCo Pro Vaporizer

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  • PuffCo Pro Vaporizer
  • PuffCo Pro Vaporizer
  • PuffCo Pro Vaporizer
  • PuffCo Pro Vaporizer
  • PuffCo Pro Vaporizer
  • PuffCo Pro Vaporizer
  • PuffCo Pro Vaporizer
  • PuffCo Pro Vaporizer
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Product Description

The PuffCo Pro VaporizerComes With:

  • 1 x Temperature Controlled Battery
  • 1 x Full Atomizer Set
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Carrying Case

Key Features:

  • One of the prominent vaporizers out there in the market to vaporize using both convection and conduction methods.
  • A Revolutionary “Dart” used in the device helps to achieve the convection mechanism and enhance air flow into the device preventing clogs.
  • A very simplified Ceramic Bowl Chamber that mitigates the need for any wire and is able to hold a large amount of concentrate.
  • The purely ceramic build helps to achieve even heating all around the concentrate allowing for flavorful tokes every single time.

The PuffCo Pro Vaporizer aims to further revolutionize the essential oils vaporizing scene by delivering unparalleled purity in flavor with a unique sense of discretion. This device is aimed towards vaping enthusiasts who prefer to be on the go! Absolutely no coils, glues or compromises!

The Special Part, The “Dart”

PuffCo Pro is a very unique device which vaporizes the concentrates using a mixture of both conduction and convection method. And for this procedure, the device employs a “dart”.

The dart is a removable ceramic dart mouthpiece which acts as a cap that minimize splash back and keeps the oil where it’s supposed to be! Pressing up against the sides of the ceramic chamber of the device, this creates a nicely sealed “Conduction Chamber” which further directs the vapor upward through this cap.

This procedure greatly helps the device to properly work following its desired mechanism. As an added advantage, the dart can very easily be removed and be used as a function tool as well!

Upgraded Air Flow System

Since the device works via the sealed conduction chamber, the vapor here is directed upward through the Dart which helps to prevent clogging and produce a nice and steady vapor flow.

Fully Coil-less Design

Instead of having a coils, the device boasts a Coil-Less Atomizer in the form of a ceramic bowl which eliminates the need for any wires, metal coils of wicks.Despite having a very simplified structure, the chamber can still hold a heavy amount of concentrate while being able to evenly heat it as well!

These two features combine together to produce beautiful and consistently delicious tasting dabs with each and every toke!



  • Click the cloud button 5 times to lock and unlock the unit
  • Click the cloud button 4 times to change the temperature setting
  • Battery is equipped with three temperature settings – each outputs a different voltage and color. Green for Low 3.6v; Blue for 3.9v and Red for High 4.2V
  • Pen will automatically shut down after 8 seconds of use
  • Double-Click the cloud button for 12 seconds continuous heating called “sesh mode”


The device comes with a 1 year battery warranty.



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