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With most vape cartridges and pens, what you’re getting is pure CBD distillate, typically extracted through a solvent method. It’s a process of essentially stripping the cannabis down to nothing but the active-ingredient chemicals. It gets the job done, and not much else. If you want solvent-extracted CBD vapes to taste like anything, you’re going to have to look for a brand that adds artificial flavors after extraction as part of the chemical compound they’re selling you.

Lowell Farms’ solution could be seen as innovative, but really, it’s kind of back-to-basics: A solventless vape using cold-pressed live rosin sauce. It simply tastes and smells better. Vapes are convenient, but when we use cannabis, we’re not just looking for a chemical response, we’re looking for a sensory experience, as well. Solventless vapes made from cold-pressed live rosin sauce preserve the terpenes which lend cannabis its natural flavors and scents, creating a vaping experience that brings together the best of vaping and smoking the actual flower.

The Lowell Cafe Philosophy

The Rosin Sauce solventless vape sums up what Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe is all about. With cannabis being legalized in California and beyond, there’s a budding new market for CBD and THC products. Sadly, a lot of the people producing and selling these products are missing critical aspects of cannabis culture. Cannabis is more than just the THC and CBD, and it feels wasteful to use salt or sugar to try and cover up the natural flavor of the plant.

At the Lowell Cafe, you’ll find a stunning menu put together by none other than Andrea Drummer, the cannabis chef who charmed Netflix viewers on Cooking on High and featured in the 2017 inaugural issue of Kitchen Toke magazine. Items are categorized by potency so you don’t need to worry about biting off a little more than you can chew if it’s your first time eating cannabis-infused cooking.

The exciting thing about the Lowell Cafe: It’s not just food with CBD in it. It’s a whole new category of food. Being the first legal cannabis restaurant in the United States, Lowell Cafe is the first place you can go to find out what it tastes like when you put cannabis in the hands of a highly-trained chef.

Drummer’s signature cocktail, What the Fig, combines fig, the Sativa-heavy hybrid Blue Dream with a glass of Gold Bar whiskey, with dried cherry and chili pepper accents. It’s a safe bet that you’ve never had a drink like this before, partly because it wasn’t that long ago that it wasn’t even legal, and partly because Andrea Drummer is just getting started. This isn’t just a dispensary where you can pick up a few croissants baked with CBD butter, this is a new era of culinary possibilities.

Organic, Sustainable Cannabis

Lowell Farms treats cannabis like you would expect any high-end organic eatery to treat their produce. It’s all organic, it’s grown in natural fertilizer, and there are no synthetic pesticides used on the plants.

When something is legalized, it becomes trendy, and unfortunately, can attract businesses that don’t take much interest in the culture surrounding what they’re selling. Lowell Farms knows that there’s more to cannabis than CBD extracts, and is pressing forward into this new era with a sustainable, eco-conscious approach at their exciting new cafe.