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Disposable vape pens simply refer to cigarette-like simple devices that are easy to use and characteristic of very simple designs. Each disposable vape pen is draw activated, filled with various flavors and meant to be thrown away upon completion of the vapor. Remember, every device is usually filled with a different flavor of e-liquid. This means you are guaranteed a chance to get a disposable vape pen with your favorite flavor.

Vape pens are presently available in varied shapes and sizes. Many people have developed a high preference for this kind of pens mainly because they are characteristic of unique designs. For instance, there are some which are designed to resemble e-cigarettes. In addition to the above, these pens are also small, very light, thin and generally very discreet.

A typical vape pen usually comprises of the following.

  1. A mouthpiece, it is through this component that you inhale the vapor.
  2. A Chamber/tank, this is where the marijuana is placed.
  3. An atomizer is a heating element which serves to generate enough heat for vaporization.
  4. A battery, in most cases the battery is usually lithium-ion. It serves to provide the atomizer with power.

In addition to the above, vape pens also usually have power buttons to switch the device on and off. There are more advanced vape pens that are designed to even allow you to control the temperature settings.

As far as pricing is concerned, there are vape pens that sell for as much as $200. It is because of this that an increasing number of users are constantly looking for not only cheap but also cheerful disposable pens. Vape pens are available on sale mostly in dispensaries. The main difference of this products and standard pens is the length of time a disposable pen lasts. Since the batteries are not rechargeable hence the moment the extract is finished you can dispose of the pen and get a new one. Keep in mind, in most cases the battery of any disposable pen will always last much longer than most e-liquid cartridge that carries the marijuana extract.

Factors to Consider When shopping for a Disposable Vape Pen

Shopping for a disposable vape pen for the first time is never easy, this is mainly because there are several designs to choose from each carrying a unique flavor. To make the disposable vape pen shopping easy, here are a few key factors to take into serious consideration. These factors also serve as a guarantee to significantly optimize your vaping experience. They include:

  • Enquiring exactly how many hits any new pens gets.

Just so you are aware, each new pen should not get you less than 100 hits. Any new standard disposable vape pen should get you upwards of 200 hits. The number of hits usually varies depending on whether the pen is filled with oil or waxes hence then need to enquire exactly how many hits this translates to.

  • Always testing the pen before leaving the shop.

Even if you have to unpack it, spend an extra minute and do so. The last thing which you need is leaving the shop with a dysfunctional pen. Remember, dispensary refund policies are usually very hard to come by.

  • Pick or go for a brand that has your favorite strain.

Most brands make specific pens from popular strains meaning it should be very easy going for a strain that you love.

In addition to the above three factors, take time to do some background checks (research). The best way to do this is to spend some time on message boards, doing Google searches and even seeking the opinion of close friends and family.

Do disposable vape pens provide value for money?

To determine whether the disposable vape pen you are interested in is worth the cost, you will need to first off establish your daily usage and then proceed to figure out roughly how long the pen is likely to serve you. In addition to this analysis the cost of long-lasting vape pens concerning their cartridges.  Simply put, disposable pens have proven to be such a better option especially if you are looking for THC or CBD infusion for instance while traveling. This is because they are very affordable and