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KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer

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KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer Overview

Following the trend of coming up Premium level devices, KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer is a device that boasts supreme portability while still being powerful. The device gives full digital control of the temperature allowing for full personalization of every vaping session.

KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer

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  • KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer
  • KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer
  • KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer
  • KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer
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Product Description

The KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer Comes With:

  • 1 x Miva Vaporizer
  • 1 x Flat Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 4 x Silicone Ring
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x User Manual

Key Features:

  • Extremely high grade ceramic heating chamber for pure tasting vapors
  • One of the most perfected Convection Technology.
  • Gorgeous OLED Display
  • Designed to have zero combustion.

KandyPens has always been known to create very high-profile and premium quality vaporizers. Their latest attempt at bringing something new into the vaporizing market is nothing short of impressive. The Latest vaporizer, dubbed “MIVA” is an uber-discreet device that has the flexibility to provide its users with unpatrolled control over the vapor production rate via temperature control. Not only that, the device comes with a built-in memory that allows it to remember your last used temperature settings relieving you from the hassle of constantly setting up your temperature over and over again each time you start up your device.

The heating chamber of this device boasts a very high quality construction comprised of only premium grade Ceramic materials. The MIVA prides itself with the ability to evenly distribute heat and prevent combustion through proper utilization of true convection technique.


If you are one of those vaping enthusiasts who prefer to be always on the go, then you would definitely want your device to be as compact and discreet as possible! The MIVA might just be a perfect option for you since it boasts a very ultra-compact ergonomics and a sleek body which can sit comfortably on the palms of your hand. But does that compromise with its vaping power? Not at all! The device might be compact, but it still packs a hell of a punch when it comes to vape production!

The Ability To Remember

Yes, you read that right! The device actually comes with a pretty neat built-in memory which allows it to remember your most favorite and suitable vaping temperature. If you have found a range, then rest easy and never have the fear of forgetting, as once you will turn on your device the built-in software will immediately revert the temperature back to your desired one. This will ensure a consistent performance to let your dabs fly every time you sit for a vaping session.

Fully Digitize Temperature Control

The secret to a perfect vaporizing experience depends on how a device allows the user to manipulate the temperature. The temperature is usually required to be kept under a minimal point of combustion to ensure the release of sufficient vital essence from the herbs. KandyPens understands this and provides the use complete control over the temperature within a range of 300 to 435°F. This extremely high authority over the device’s temperature allows the user to personalize their experience.

Rapid Heating Mechanism

Vaping enthusiasts don’t like to wait for long before the vaporizer is ready to be vaped.  Keeping that in mind, the MIVA has been engineered to provide a much accelerated rate of heat to ensure that you don’t have to wait for long! With just five quick presses on the power button, the device immediately starts the heating process and cranks up the temperature in just 20 seconds. Complimenting this potent heating process are air side vents which not only helps to further improve the process, but keeps the device from overheating as well.



Provided in the supplied instruction manual.



The device comes with a life time warranty.



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