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One of the most highly rated fan favorite vaporizing pens, The Galaxy Vaporizer by KandyPens is truly a groundbreaker in the Vaporizing market. It comes in a ‘Pen’ form factor with wax input chamber which incorporates Quartz Crystal Atomizer and a Glossy Enamel Finish.


The KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Comes With:

  • 1x Temperature Controlled Battery
  • 1x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer w/ Quartz Chamber
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Instruction Card

Key Features:

  • The device comes up with a 510 Threaded design sporting Dual Titanium Coils and a Quartz Crystal Atomizer which guarantees that you will get the most delicious and unforgettably delicious hits ever.
  • The very first of its kind, this device comes equipped with multiple temperature control settings.

KandyPens has always been known for their uncompromising and unprecedented quality and performance when it comes to the manufacture of Vaporizers, and with their recent success with the Donuts Vaporizers line, their popularity has literally skyrocketed out in to the Galaxy. And from the very depths of that Galaxy, KandyPens proudly presents their next revolutionary take on the Vaporizer Pen industry which is sure to break some grounds or two! The Galaxy Vaporizer! This latest generation of Vaporizer comes equipped with state of the art features such a highly modernized Quartz Crystal Atomizer which ensure some of the cleanest and genuine tasting hits which you are ever going to experience.

The Temperature is now in your hands

Not only is The Galaxy vaporizer boasting its presence with the inclusion of a Quartz Atomizer, but it is also the pioneer in the technology of giving you the control over temperature! Yes you heard that right, The Galaxy offers you with three distinct temperature control settings (350°, 390° and 430°F) to make your vaping experience much more up close and personal! Rest assured that this level of customizability will be available for all of the future KandyPens products!

An Eye Dazzling Finish

Want to stand above the crowd? Feel like being at the center of the spotlight? Perhaps the Galaxy Vaporizer will be able to help you to do just that! Available in four different colors, the Galaxy vaporizers is designed with a very sophisticated and lucrative looking glossy enamel sparkle finish which is accompanied by gorgeous golden accents sure the glimmer the eyes of the crowd. Holding this vaporizer in your hand, you can rest easy knowing that there is no other vaporizer out there which can match with the stylistic beauty of yours!

The Wonder ofthe Quartz Crystal Technology

When the developers at KandyPens got bored of the traditional ceramic atomizer used by most of the wax pens these days, they went back to drawing room and brainstormed to come up with the latest in line Quartz Crystal Technology atomizers! Which boasts your dabbing experience to the next level making sure that each toke that you take is full of the most pure and cleanest flavor of your concentrate?