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The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer is the latest premium vaporizer from KandyPens that is carefully designed to be one of the best portable vaporize in the market! Packing the world famous Quartz and Ceramic Atomizers and a plethora of upgrades and a unique leak proof technology, this is the perfect vaporizer for enthusiasts on the go!


The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer comes with:

  • 1x KandyPens Elite Battery
  • 1x Quartz Rod Atomizer With Quartz Crystal Chamber
  • 1x Coilless Ceramic Dish Atomizer With Ceramic Chamber
  • 1x Concentrate Tool
  • 1x Travel Case
  • 1x Micro-USB Charger
  • 1x Instruction Card
  • 2x Alcohol Cleaning Wipe

Key Features:

  • Four different temperature settings, optimized for every vaping style.
  • World famous Ceramic and Quartz Atomizers included in the pack for efficient and pure cloud production.
  • 510 Threaded battery with a lifetime warranty from Kandy Pens.
  • Innovative Leak Proof Technology that prevents any kind of spillage or accidental wastage of wax.
  • Upgrade mouthpiece with added Air Carb for almost no waste of vapor during delivery!

When thinking strictly about waxy oil vaping, KandyPens has been delivering over the top premium level vaporizers for a long time now that have the record of producing high quality vapors while boasting a compact form factor.

Their latest venture, the KandyPens Elite is no exception to that trend.

Boasting an upgrade mouthpiece, advanced wax atomizers, leak proof technology and deep-dish wax chamber, the Elite has been specifically designed for long vaping sessions on the go.

With its stylish build and abundance of new features, KandyPens Elite aims to be the ultimate wax pen for any waxy oil aficionado who might love to vape while creating their own story and exploring a new part of town.

High Optimized Heat Settings

The KandyPens Elite is an exquisite vaporizer that really has some serious firepower under its hood. However, it doesn’t necessarily keep all the power to itself!

With a very simple and easy to use “One Button Control”, the Elite allows its users to seamlessly toggle through the different heat settings of the device.

The included temperature controlled battery with 510 threaded universal connection ensures that this device is capable of providing four different temperature settings that are well optimized and catered to satisfy the needs of all vaping enthusiasts.

The wide range of temperatures allows the user to choose from 300°C, 350°C, 390°C and 430°C giving them full freedom to adjust the device for small sweet hits or more intense, large draws.

A 10 seconds auto-shutdown mechanism ensures that the device is able to prevent any form of overheating and wastage of both battery and wax.

KandyPens were confident enough on the efficacy of the battery to put a lifetime warranty on it! Which just goes to show the technological prowess of the battery even further.

Quartz And Ceramic Wax Atomizer

The KandyPens Elite comes packed with two of the most well-known and popular wax atomizers out there in the market. Namely, the Ceramic Coilless Atomizer and the Quartz Crystal Atomizer.

The Ceramic Coilless Atomizer comes with a wide surface area and low temperature capability which allows the device to vaporizer the wax with extreme efficiency. The Ceramic Dish that accompanies this atomizer helps in the creation of smooth vapors with 0 combustion.

On the other hand, the Quartz Crystal Atomizer is aimed towards those who considers themselves to be “True Enthusiasts” and want the raw unadulterated flavor of their wax as the dual quartz rod are capable of delivering large flavorful clouds with no compromise.

Both of these atomizers are at the top of their game thanks to their inert nature. Being one of the most premium level Vaporizer, it was very natural of KandyPens Elite to pack these two atomizers in the box!

Innovative Leak Proof Technology

With the Elite, you won’t be facing the common problem of leaking that plagues most of the typical vaporizers out there.

To prevent melted waxy oils from dripping down to the battery threading, the Elite has implemented a unique Leak Proof Technology where the heating chamber has a completely sealed bottom that helps to preserve the waxes and eliminates the risk of spillage.

The upgrade mouthpiece and air carb of the device also ensures that you are able no cloud is wasted during its delivery through the mouthpiece.

Stylish yet Elegant Finish

The incredibly stylish yet elegant design easily makes the KandyPens Elite one of the most eye catching wax pens available in the market.

To accommodate the preference of every enthusiast out there, the device comes with a fine finish of Ceramic and Gold that isn’t shy of showing off its elegant nature to the crowd.

With all of those features packed in, you just can’t deny that the KandyPens Elite is simply one of the best vape companion for any enthusiasts leading a busy lifestyle.