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If you’re looking for a new vape you are probably aware that there are two broad categories of vaporizer—desktop and portable—which are divided base on size. Desktop Vapes are larger and are usually for those who vaporize regularly from the comfort of their home. Desktop vapes tend to be favored by those who want an efficient device that produces superior vapor and who do not have the need to transport their vaporizer around with them.  Many medical marijuana patients favor desktop vapes because they offer convenience and desktop vapes to burn less of the flower or concentrate, allowing a patient or recreational vaper to use their supply of cannabis more efficiently. But desktop vapes are complicated devices. Fortunately, many can help you more fully understand them.

In this article, we will briefly review the benefits of desktop vapers and then provide some reviews of the three of the best vaporizers on the market.

The Benefits Of Desktop Vaporizers

  • Desktop vapes heat up faster and make more efficient use the flower or concentrate than portable vapes
  • By using desktop vapes, you do not have to rely on battery power as these units are directly connected to a power source and have highly developed heating technology.
  • Desktop vapes have a larger heating chamber, reducing the number of times you need to refill and offering a more hassle-free experience
  • Due to their technological innovation and the fact that they rely on convection heating, desktop vapes produce superior vapor quality as compared to portable vapes

Finding Best Desktop Vape

How do you determine which model of desktop vape to buy?  There are many on the market. And as with any consumer electronic device, there are variations in both quality and price.  In our opinion, a desktop vape is an investment in your health and well-being.  So consider that when deciding.  The right desktop vaporizer should last you at least ten years if purchased from a reputable brand. Spend some time researching performance, design and overall quality before making a purchase decision. And keep in mind that, while some of these are expensive, the better desktop vapes are designed to last a lifetime.

To help you get started we have reviewed three of the best desktop vapes currently on the market:

  • Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer

 Volcano Vaporizers have been most sought after vaporizers for the past many years. It has a classic volcano shape and also has an easy to use interface. This one generally comes in two different variants and each one of them has many features like temperature control, and also high-quality balloon bags. One of the main advantages is its convection heating system. The two different styles are Classic style and the Volcano Digit. The Volcano Vaporizer has 5 pre-made and easily usable balloon bags that can readily be filled with vapor.  Inside of the Volcano, there is a vacuum system that pumps in fresh air which when heated is used for vaping dry herbs.

  • 7th Floor Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is a great desktop vaporizer made by the company Seventh Floor. The vaping temperature in this iconic surfer is adjustable. You can adjust it according to your inhaling speed. It is an enhanced version of the previous vapes produced by the 7th floor. The quality is versatile. It is of high quality and very durable. It also comes with a warranty of three years which applies to electrical components only. Glass components are not subjected to any warranty. Overall it is a good device and an attractive accessory too. It does not have any digital temperature controls. But is a great desktop unit for household usages.

  • Vapir Rise V2 Vaporizer

This one is a powerful and versatile desktop Vaporizer. To choose your optimal vaping temperature, use this device with a simple digital interface and touchpad controls.

To make your experience a comfortable one with a customized vaping, the fan speeds are adjustable and can also be turned off completely. This product also has an attachment for vaping concentrates and wax. If you are looking for the perfect all in one desktop vape this one is the best thing to be considered. The Vapor Rise also has a dedicated attachment for all its concentrations and oils.

Where can you find the best desktop vapes?

When you have finally narrowed down a make and model and it’ time to purchase a new desktop vape you can visit a local vape store or shop online at a quality headshop or vape supplier, which offers large selections of these models. Shopping online is typically more convenient and will allow you to find the best price and the best selection.  But, if you are going to make your purchase online, be sure to buy it from a trustworthy online smoke shop that offers great customer service and will honor the warranties. Good luck with your purchase, and enjoy your new vaporizer!