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how do vaporizers workA person who is addicted to smoking but doesn’t want to harm his lungs can use a vaporizer. Certainly, the vaporizers are one of the most sought-after items among the smokers these days. It is considered as a safer option than smoking as it heats the herbal material but doesn’t allow them to combust. In addition to this, it causes the essential oils to boil which creates the same effect as that of smoking. Hence, with vaporizers, you can get the same feeling as if you are smoking without posing a threat to your health.

There are two ways in which vaporizers can be used namely Conduction and Convection. Conduction technology is reportedly the first one to be brought to the creation of vaporizers, after which the convention technology saw rapid growth. Let us know more about these two technologies. The best range of vaporizers are available at Herbalize Store or Herbalize Store US.


In this method, the heat is directly applied to the plant material. The marijuana in the plant gets in touch with the heat and this is how the vapor gets formed. However, the untouched part of the plant doesn’t get vaporized. If you want the entire part of the plant material to be vaporized, you can increase the heat of the vaporizer. This is considered as the most affordable type of vaporizer and it is also less complex in its design as compared to the other vaporizers. The conduction vaporizer also has some flaws in it. Its temperature control is not precise and this reduces its ease of use. Also, it carries an elevated risk of combustion as the plant material is in touch with the heating element.


In this method, the plant material and the heating element are not kept in direct touch. Here, the plant material and the heating element are kept in two different chambers. Hot air is used as an indirect medium to heat the material. This reduces the chances of burning to a great extent and facilitates the even dispersion of heat over the plant. Hence, if you are using the convection vaporizer, you need not shake the weed. Though this vaporizer is quite easy to use, it doesn’t come at an affordable price. You need to spend more money if you choose this vaporizer over the conduction vaporizer.

Both the vaporizers efficiently serve their purpose. However, the convention vaporizers are the most preferred option because of its property of the temperature control and even heat distribution.

How To Use Vaporizers Effectively

  • Heat Your Vape beforehand

If you want to enjoy the vaping experience, allow your vaporizer to reach the ideal temperature. This will ensure thick draws which are heated equally at all the parts.

  • Prefer Using Dry Weed

Vaporizers normally operate at a very low temperature. This arises the need of drier weed. this facilitated the perfect moisture content.

  • Pack It Properly

Everyone wants to enjoy thick draws while they smoke weed. to ensure this, enough amount of weed must be packed into the chamber. However, the amount of weed that is packed in the chamber highly depends on the size of the chamber. You need to fill the chamber up to the brim and then compress it.

  • Adjust The Temperature

While vaporizing, one must ensure that they are not putting their health at any risk. When the vape is set too high, it increases the chances of combustion. Hence, you are exposed to the health risks in a similar way as when you smoke a joint. An extremely low temperature will also not serve the purpose as it will not produce enough vapors. You need to choose an ideal temperature which neither harms you nor takes away the fun.

  • Don’t Forget To Clean The Vape

If you want to relish a good vaping experience, don’t forget to clean your vaporizer on a periodical basis. Regular cleaning will ensure that the vaporizer produces smooth vapors.

The Vaporizers have emerged as the most useful technology that can combat the drawbacks of smoking while serving you with the same experience. Smoking is considered as injurious to health, hence, any transition which saves you from its bad effects can help you in a major way.