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There is ongoing dialogue regarding the intricacies and effects of CBD. One of the critical questions that researchers are exploring is: Does CBD affect men and women differently? The answer: Studies demonstrate that CBD affects men and women differently. The different chemical constitutions and genetic makeups of men and women, in addition to the hormonal differences, appear to create this effect.

CBD and Men

By stimulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD can produce a variety of positive effects for men. Many parts of the male reproduction system also contain the ECS. The region of the brain controls the release of pre-reproductive pituitary hormones also contains the ECS and cannabinoid receptors. While research is still in the early stages, experts believe that CBD plays a role in improving sleep, mood, appetite, memory, and reproduction.

CBD has a positive effect on prolactin, cortisol, and testosterone levels, providing positive support for a man’s reproductive health. There is some evidentiary proof that demonstrates cannabis increases testosterone levels, creating an improvement in a person’s libido.

In terms of pain management, men will not experience the same level of relief that women will if given the same dosage of CBD. However, dosages for men can be safely increased to achieve the same level of relief.

Here are a few other ways that CBD might uniquely affect men:

  • Men might experience an increased desire to snack.
  • Men can experience a reduction in aggression and an increase in calmness.

CBD and Women

Early evidence suggests that the increased estrogen levels in the bodies of women lead to CBD having an increased effect on them. Estrogen can break down cannabinoids and absorb them faster. A woman’s body is more sensitive to CBD when the levels of estrogen are highest, such as one or two days before ovulation when hormones are peaking. This is beneficial for women who want to use CBD to relieve menstrual cramps or other symptoms that accompany menstruation.

Estrogen, in concert with endocannabinoids, helps minimize mood swings and elevated emotional responses to stimuli. Further, CBD seems in some cases to lessen feelings of depression and associated anxiety and sadness.

Many women have found taking CBD one or two days before ovulation helps when estrogen levels have reached their peak and begin to drop.

Small doses of CBD combined with slight spikes in estrogen levels may increase the female sex drive but at the same time dampen feelings of romance or contentment.

The American Association for Cancer Research reports that CBD can kill breast cancer cells by programming cell death.

The U.S. National Cancer Institute has stated publicly that CBD is a potent anti-cancer compound and an effective treatment option for women with breast cancer.

Although women can initially experience heightened effects of CBD, a University of Washington study suggests that women can build up a tolerance to cannabinoids after frequent consumption. This can happen to both women and men, but tolerance builds up more quickly with women.

Future Research

In the past, the field of medicine has overlooked women when it comes to medical trials and studies. This has led to many ignoring numerous women’s issues, as well as a general lack of understanding regarding how specific medications and treatments can affect women’s bodies. Fortunately, the CBD field is making progress in this area by taking a more balanced approach to learning how this chemical compound affects both men and women.

Final Thoughts

To gain the most benefits from CBD, men and women should buy their products from a reputable supplier like Canzon. Canzon’s products are third-party lab tested, organically grown and formulated using only the purest ingredients. Canzon has a full transparency policy, and you can view a copy of their lab results online.