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Compare our Vaporizers

To help you select the right vaporizer for your needs we have created vaporizer comparison tables. These tables enable you to compare all of the vaporizers which we sell, click on the links below to view these comparison tables.

Portable vaporizers enable you to enjoy your vapor in a discreet manner while on the move. If you use a desktop vaporizer you expect a high quality vaporizer which produces thick vapor. Generally desktop vaporizers are superior in terms of the vapor quality they produce, however these days there are several excellent portable vapes which compare favorably to desktop vaporizers.

The key factors when purchasing a portable vaporizer are as follows:

  • Can it be used while it is charging?
  • How long does the battery last between charges?
  • Does it fit in my pocket?
  • Will I be able to use the vaporizer discreetly?
  • Can you purchase a car charger for the vaporizer?
  • Is it possible to charge with a USB charger?

When purchasing a desktop vaporizer the main factors to consider:

  • Can I use a vapor balloon with the vaporizer?
  • Is there an auto shut-off feature?
  • Will the vaporizer produce dense vapor?
  • Is the vaporizer digital or analog?
  • Does the vaporizer have a fan?

If you are still not sure which vaporizer to purchase please contact us.


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