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cbd vaping

So, you have already decided that vaping CBD is the right option for you. That’s good. However, with a host of CBD vape products out in the market, how can you be certain that you are buying the best product?

CBD being relatively a new industry, there are a lot of dishonest people trying to swindle the consumers. Since clear laws for CBD vape products, especially e-juices are still in the process of being enacted, it’s up to the consumer to choose what qualities they want their vape product to live up to. Head out to for a vape that works best for you.

While several factors can affect your CBD vaporizing experience, the following aspects are vital to consider.

  • Vape oil should be homogeneous

Homogeneous simply means “the same throughout.” You should go for a product that has some form of uniformity or that is well mixed. Homogeny is a key concern in CBD vaporizer oils currently, as some manufacturers are struggling to meet the required chemistry standards.

Just the way olive oil may not blend well with vinegar, CBD may refuse to blend with the majority of oil bases on the market. This type of non-uniformity begets uneven dosage when deposited into your pen, making it hard to determine your levels of CBD consumption.

  • Cloudy or clear

The clearer the vape oil the better. A perfectly manufactured e-juice should be clear, allowing light to penetrate through unhindered. You don’t take bottled water which is murky, so why would you take dirty vape oil? Unauthentic vape oil will appear syrupy, thick, cloudy, and downright bland.

  • Check the label claims

Regrettably, unscrupulous manufacturers usually see value in underselling consumers on CBD content, as their cost is primarily based on CBD milligrams contained in each product.  In a juvenile, still modestly regulated the industry, several manufacturers are falling short of label claims for CBD.

Therefore, consumers need to be alert in verifying that the CBD e-liquids they are purchasing measure up to the label claims. Request for third-party laboratory test results; this is the only approach to truly prove if the claims are consistent with what the product can offer. If the manufacturer is reluctant to provide those test results, do not purchase the product.

  • Will the e-liquid work in your vaporizer?

One of the key technical concerns when it comes to vaping is the fact that CBD oil might be blended with Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Particularly when the said vape oil is not mixed well, the oily CBD layer which separates from Vegetable Glycerin can damage the vaporizer tanks, especially those tanks that depend on a cotton wick to mix up with the liquid. The oil is likely to dry out and coagulate on the wicks, which can make the tank unusable.

You can avoid such a situation by either buying a vaporizer that has a tank fitted with a ceramic heating feature or purchasing an e-juice that is well-mixed and proven to be effective in any kind of pen.

  • Responsibly sourced CBD

Knowing where your CBD is sourced from is something very valuable. Transparency is important when dealing with any CBD manufacturer, and you want to ensure that there is complete traceability from seed to shelf. Ensure that whoever you are buying the CBD vape oil from provides you with factual documentation on his products and observes high standards in every part of the manufacturing process.

Make sure that the CBD used in your vape oil is free from pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbiological contamination – none of these things are good for your health.

  • Above all, use CBD vape oil best suited to you

The effects of CBD vape oil are felt almost immediately after consumption – compared to other methods such as topicals and edibles. However, not all CBD e liquids are the same, an aspect mostly relevant for those people residing in legalized states where even products with THC are allowable.

Some CBD e-juices will contain only CBD, while others contain different ratios of CBD to THC. Also, some THC –free products contain other terpenes and cannabinoids – these are referred to as full-spectrum oils.

Experimenting with different forms of vape e-liquids is the only way to know which product best suits you.

Based on the above argument, there isn’t one CBD vape e-liquid that is superior to all the rest. One consumer may gain from the mishmash of THC and CBD, while others might detest the psychoactive effects such a combination would bring.


All said and done, CBD vaporizer can be a cool and effective way to give your body some natural healing, but you can capitalize on its effects much further, by selecting a great vape oil that suits all your needs.