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The most attractive aspect of the new CFX Vaporizer by Boundless is its ability to heat up the device to any temperature within just 20 seconds! Which means no more time or herbs wasted! But that’s not all, this device is packed with a pair of powerful lithium Ion battery and HD display as well, making this a perfect vaping companion for the get go.


The Boundless CFX Vaporizer Comes With:

  • 1x Boundless CFX
  • 1x Waxy Chamber
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Stir Tool
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Wall Charger
  • 1x User Manual

Key Features:

  • The device has a gorgeous HD 1.77 inch HD display which resembles the design of a MPH meter and holds all of the necessary information required for your vaping session.
  • With 2 internal Lithium Ion Batteries, this bad boy has enough juice to let you enjoy a full one hour session
  • The swiveling magnetic connection on the mouthpiece allows for a fully discrete, yet easily customizable vaping experience
  • Full temperature control within a range of 100 degree Fahrenheit to 430 degree Fahrenheit

The CFX Boundless Vaporizer is a unique and highly stylized vaporizer that boasts an extremely powerful heating capability which allows it to reach any desired temperatures within just 20 seconds! Packed with a gorgeous HD digital display, this is a vaporizer to die for.

Customizability was the key prospect when this device was designed and so the manufacturers have given the users the option to vary through a wide array of different temperatures falling at 100 degree Fahrenheit to 430 degree Fahrenheit, giving you the ultimate control over your vaping sessions.

Packed with enough juice to run the device for over one hour, the Lithium Ion batteries are powerful enough for long sessions and can be fully charged within just 30 minutes.

The internal software also has a nice vibration notification system as an added bonus which helps the user to know whenever the desired temperature is reached while a swivel boasts utmost discretion.

Rapid Heating Technology

The powerful 80W ceramic based heating element on this device is the secret behind it capacity of being able to stretch its temperature to any desired selection within a matter of seconds! The blazing fast heating speed means that none of your herb is lost during the process. This technique allows you to enjoy the full burst of your flavors without any sacrifice. The cherry of this mechanism is the five minute auto shutdown system which just gives enough time to make sure that you are able to fully vaporizer the bowl.

Unparalleled Display

This is a one of kind vaporizer that boasts a dazzling 1.77 inch full HD display which gives you completely control over your vaping session. The display holds all of the crucial information such as your session length, temperature and battery life. With a design that is inspired by a car dashboard mph, this display upholds a very stylish yet discreet aesthetics.

Powerful Batteries

To achieve the maximum potency of all of these features, the CFX is packed with double internal lithium-ion batteries that are can very easily be charged to full capacity using the provided USB cable. If you are a person who is always on wheels, then you won’t be disappointed by the energy prowess of this device.

Included Magnetic Mouthpiece

The unique aesthetics of this device also includes the discreet mouthpiece that is magnetically connected to make your experience stealthier. However, if you ever feel like removing it, then it can very easily be swiveled aside minimizing the risk of losing it. That’s not say that the mouthpiece isn’t entirely removable! You can easily remove it if necessary. The whole apparatus can very easily be disassembled as well, making the task of cleaning and maintaining it a breeze.