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Boundless CFC Vaporizer

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Boundless CFC Vaporizer Overview

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer holds the legacy of Boundless devices by creating a device that is incredibly sleek and compact while packing some serious firepower under its hood. With a full-fledged temperature control system, built in 1900mAh battery and rapid heat up time! This device will allow you to inhale big vapors in “Style”.

Boundless CFC Vaporizer

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  • Boundless CFC Vaporizer
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  • Boundless CFC Vaporizer
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Product Description

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer comes with:

  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Manual

Key Features:

  • Full control of temperature over a range of 140 degree Fahrenheit to 446 degree Fahrenheit
  • A gorgeous LCD screen displaying all of your essential data
  • Rapid Heat Up Technology that heats up your device in no time at all!
  • Unique portable design that packs a serious punch!
  • A powerful 1900mAh battery that holds enough juice for 15 vape sessions on one charge!
  • Convenient Micro USB charging port

A Portable Vaporizer with No Boundary

This premium level Vaporizer from Boundless pushes forward the legacy of high quality vapor production, portability and unique design that have been the signature trademarks for Boundless products.

The “C” in the name of this device literally stands of “Compact”, immediately lettings you know that this device is indeed one of the most portable and sleek looking vaporizer out there in the market.

Don’t let its portable form factor fool you though! As beneath its hood, this vaporizer packs a powerful punch with a full temperature control, a powerful built-in 1900 mAh battery and rapid heating capabilities.

This device is hands down a perfect choice for adventurous dry herb lovers who like to go on the road and hit on big, flavor rich vapors.

Extremely Precise Temperature Control

In hopes of giving maximum control of temperature to the users, Boundless CFC features a very precise temperature control mechanism that allows you to choose the ideal temperature for your dry herb strain or vapor profiles. Just by using the “Up” and “Down” buttons, you will be able to seamlessly toggle between 140 degree Fahrenheit and 446 degree Fahrenheit.

And if you are more in to Celsius, then you can just simply press the Up and Down buttons at once to change the unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

A gorgeous 0.69 inch LCD screen will accompany you here in letting you know the exact temperature and battery power of your device.

Once you are done selecting your temperature, Boundless CFC will heat itself up to your desired temperature within just 30 seconds!

Power Packed Battery

If you are an enthusiast, then you would obviously want your vaping sessions to last for as long as possible right? The Boundless has a built-in super charged 1900mAh battery that will allow you to go for 15 individual sessions on a single charge! Or a straight hour of vaping at 400 degree Fahrenheit.

Thanks to the Rapid Charge Technology, the battery only takes about 2 hours to fully charge up, and the auto shutdown feature helps to prevent overheating and conserves battery power.

With this vaporizer, you will pretty much be able to vape without ever stopping.

Unique-Portable Design

This is one of those rare vaporizer which has the unique combination of being functional portable and stylish all at the same time!

The rubberized grip finish gives the device a very aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing finish while the 1 and a ½ inch width ensure that you are able to effortlessly hide the device in your pocket.

Simplicity is at the core of this device since loading it up with your favorite herb is a total breeze.

Carefully Designed Ceramic Oven for “Low and Slow” Vaping

Thanks to the premium quality ceramic chamber that vaporizes dry herb slowly with a lower thermal conductivity, the device is able to deliver smooth and delicious hits without any compromise. The Smoke Free vapor that is produced travels through a completely isolated air path that prevents any form of leakage, resulting in big and potent clouds.

For those who appreciate a nifty package of functionality and flavor, the Boundless CFC is truly a sight to behold.



Instructions provided with the user manual.



The device comes with a 2 year warranty.



The user reviews on are the views of the visitors of the website, in no way do we guarantee the claims made.

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