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CBD Vape Additive

More than nine million people in the United States are vaping. And that’s every day! If you’re using a vape pen or an electronic cigarette, it’s high time you tried using a CBD vape additive. Unlike traditional CBD oils, these additives are meant to be combined with the vape oils you’re already using.

Why Should You Start Using A CBD Vape Additive?

Well, we don’t want to sound like your parents, but CBD oil is good for you. It interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to encourage natural feelings of calm and serenity. It can bring clarity to anxious situations and even reduce chronic pain in joints and muscles.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and stress reliever. It relieves stress in your body by reducing the inflammation that commonly causes pain and headaches. And it relieves stress in your mind by interacting with your neurotransmitters and your ECS. CBD encourages your body to produce serotonin, one of the most important neurotransmitters when it comes to regulating your mood and stress levels. This burst of serotonin is why many people report feelings of calm and reduced stress when using CBD regularly.

CBD is short of cannabidiol, one of the most active cannabinoids in hemp, but it’s not here to make you high. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. Taking CBD can help soothe your body and your mind without any stoner side effects. That means no munchies, no spacing out, just a nice relaxing feeling. And using CBD vape additives makes it possible to use CBD whenever you want. every day.

Vaping CBD – Top 3 Quick Facts

  • Vape pens come equipped with a heating coil that is usually charged by a battery. The coil heats the CBD until it becomes a vapor that you can inhale.
  • After vaping CBD, you’ll start feeling the effects in a matter of minutes. That’s because the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream via the lungs.
  • Anyone with asthma, bronchitis, or other lung issues should not vape CBD. CBD vape additives can irritate sensitive throats and cause further damage to lungs and bronchial tubes.

Before you start vaping, make sure you know where your CBD is coming from. Hemp isn’t federally regulated, so it’s up to you to look out for CBD that’s extracted from all-natural industrial hemp. Trustworthy brands will include lab test results that guarantee their CBD is 100 percent natural and 100% free of pesticides, microbial, and synthetics.

Always Choose An All-Natural CBD Vape Additive

You want to know you’re using high-quality CBD. It’s the only way you can trust that you’re getting the best of CBD’s amazing health benefits. At Diamond CBD, our CBD vape additives are always raw and solvent-free. We extract our CBD from organic industrial hemp plants and specifically formulate our blends to mix well with other vape liquids.

CBD can be used every day to reduce stress, minimize daily headaches, and keep your mood from teetering off the edge. And with a CBD vape additive, you’re able to bring this superior health supplement with you wherever you go.

Are CBD Vape Additives Different Than CBD Vape Oils?

You bet they are. There is one big difference between CBD vape oils and CBD vape additives. CBD vape additives are a concentrate that can be added to other e-liquids and used in all kinds of vape pens. CBD vape oils, on the other hand, cannot be mixed. You can only use CBD vape oils in pens designed for CBD while CBD vape additives can be used with any vape pen.

CBD vape additives can also contain a stronger dose of CBD than your traditional CBD oils. The higher concentrate guarantees that your doses remain consistent even after you mix it with your existing vape oil. A dosage chart is conveniently included with all of Diamond’s CBD vape additives so you know exactly how many drops to add.

If you’re just getting to know CBD, start with our biggest bottle of vape additive. With 16ml, one drop of additive will barely contain 1mg of CBD. This gives you a lot of wiggle room to figure out how much CBD works for you. As CBD becomes a part of your lifestyle, you can try a more concentrated CBD vape additive.

Vaping is a more precise way to control your dose of CBD. And a more experienced user can add a stronger CBD vape additive to their favorite vape pen. Our crew at Diamond CBD made vape additives in a variety of strengths and specialties so you can change up your vape with your mood. Your morning vibe might be more in line with Tommy Chong while your evening requires a more golden CBD additive. At Diamond CBD, we got you covered.

CBD and Chill – How To Use CBD Vape Additives

Using a CBD vape additive is as easy as adding a few drops to your favorite vape. Diamond CBD vape additives come with an eyedropper, making it easier than ever to add CBD. Simply fill the dropper and count the number of drops you add to your vape pen. Since we break potency down to the very last drop, you can control exactly how much CBD you’re getting from your CBD vape additive. If you’ve never used a CBD vape additive before, we recommend starting with 10-20 drops. You can always increase that dosage based on your health needs and your lifestyle.

That burst of serotonin CBD gives you isn’t going to put you to sleep. It’s going to ease the tension that’s been following you around at work all week so you can finally start tackling that major project. We designed our relax vape additive with maximum strength to give you the most out of your CBD. This nifty little blend comes with 2mg of CBD per drop. With a stronger concentrate like this, a little CBD can go a long, long way.

Maximum strength CBD vape additives are your best bet for getting the most out of your CBD. When the concentrate is stronger, you won’t have to use as much to feel its effects. And the more potent it is, the less likely you are to lose the strength of its effects when you add it to another vape liquid. That means that combing a CBD vape additive with your e-cigarette is practically a win-win situation.

The variety of CBD vape additives at Diamond CBD are here to guarantee that you get the best results from your CBD vape experience. Because we know that vaping all about versatility. Not everyone vapes the same. That’s what makes CBD vape additives so great. You can add as many (or as few) drops as you like and go on vaping as you normally would. You don’t have to change your routine or get used to some new flavor. Just add your dose of CBD and puff away.