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Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Vapes

By May 19, 2022No Comments

Vaping has become a great alternative for traditional smoking. Through the past few years, it has grown in significance and popularity as more and more people believe it to be less harmful than the conventional cigarettes.

However, when you first step into the world of vapes, it is hard to pick one. With a variety of vape pens and flavors available, the challenge of where to start, can be a bit daunting. But hey, do not panic; we are here to help you. And you can check an amazing variety of vapes at too.

Types of Vapes

If you are planning to opt for vaping, then having an insight to some of its types is crucial.

There are 4 basic categories of vapes, i.e.

  • Vape pens
  • Cig-a-likes
  • Mods
  • Pod mods

Vapes have evolved over time and each one of them has changed, coming forward with innovative features that the previous one lacked. For instance, Cig-a-likes were the first generation of vapes and then vape pens came into existence, followed by mods and pod mods.

Let’s discuss the most commonly used vape types.

1.   Vape Mods:

Mods are the most popular type of vapes these days. With its advanced features and innovative designs; vape mods are not only the latest edition to vapes but are also quite modish. They are designed specifically to deliver powerful vape clouds. It also offers a greater firepower.

Furthermore, there are two types of vape mods, i.e. unregulated and regulated mods. The major difference between the two is that regulated mods come with a circuit board whereas the other one has none.

2.   Vape Pen:

Secondly, the most used type of vape is the vape pen. It comes in various styles and offers great battery life and cloud production. However, investing in a high quality vape pen is crucial so that it lasts long. A vape pen comes along with a tank, coil, battery indicator, usb port for charging, firing button and with a safety feature that shuts off the vapr automatically within 10 seconds, if not being used. It also offers airflow control to the user.

All the vape pens available in the market at the moment, are sub-ohm. Gone are the days when non-sub-ohm vape pens existed. You can choose between fixed voltage vape pens, variable voltage vape pens and variable temperature vape pens too.


Cig-a-like vapes are now not too common in the vape industry. They were the first generation vapes that lacked almost all the essential features.  Therefore, if you are a beginner, then vape mods and vape pens are the best bet for you.

For newbies, the vape pen is one of the most highly recommended types to opt for. As they are user-friendly and portable and allow you to control the airflow too; vape pens are one of the best choices to make if you are just starting off with vaping.