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Analog Vaporizers

You can recognize an analog vaporizer by the knob on the front; in fact, the Silver Surfer vaporizer makes a feature of this aspect by using hand-blown art knobs! Basically analog vaporizers are those which you have to adjust manually – think in terms of the difference between analog and digital watches. Once you discover the benefits of vaporizers, the only question left is which particular vaporizer you choose to use. Vaporizing blends or essential oils simply means that you are extracting the essence of the plant or oils – and it is burning (combustion) that is responsible for producing the carcinogens. Additionally, burning the blend or oil destroys a good percentage of the active ingredients; it is combustion that produces unpleasant smells too. So: no carcinogens, more active ingredient, very little smell; what vaporizer will you choose?

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