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About Us

Vaporizor.com is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aromatherapy vaporizers and have been firm believers in saving peoples health through vaporization for nearly 20 years. h

Market leaders

We began selling vaporizers back in 1996 and have even manufactured our own in the past. With such a depth of knowledge, understanding of the industry, the players and the models available we offer real answers to the question ‘what vaporizer should I get’. We make it simple by refining the list down to the top 24 vaporizers and then ask you to ‘Choose your vape’ as some people like different features. 

There are over 180 different types of vaporizers on the market manufactured all over the world from, USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland and China. We choose to sell only the best vaporizers to cover the different market sectors including portable, home use, digital, analog, bag or whip systems. We offer fast, free shipping and no sales tax to USA and Canada. All vaporizers are sent out from either California or New Jersey.

Vaporizor.com aims to provide reliable and efficient services for our customers, with a commitment to integrity, innovation and excellence. We recognize that there is a demand for vaporizers as people choose a cleaner vape lifestyle.


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