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Vapes have been incredibly popular for quite some time now. Even though they were originally marketed to help smokers quit, people are taking on vaping nowadays to inhale CBD or to follow the fad.

Yet still, entering the world of vaping can seem intimidating for first-timers. You have so many brands to pick from, for the devices and the vape juices. Not to mention what style of the device will be more suitable for your lifestyle.

To help you begin, here are four simple tips.


Premium Is Worth It

Since you are only starting out, you might be hesitating to buy the premium quality vape devices. If you try the cheaper versions, then you will definitely not enjoy your experience.

Companies like the Vape Resources are famous for providing the top quality devices, as well as liquids. These liquids don’t contain impurities or harmful substances, and the devices don’t burst in your face or anything like that.

Getting the premiums of both the items can give you a much better experience, and won’t harm your health. If you try their CBD liquids, then you can even enjoy many benefits along with the exciting experience of vaping.


Understand the PG/VG Ratios

Everyone has their own choices, which is why companies prepare different types of e-liquids.

The primary substance that can make the difference is the VG, or vegetable glycerin. If you want thick smoke clouds and smooth hits, then you should look for high VG options. It can be anywhere around 100 or above. Obviously, lower VG will give you the opposite effect.

But it’s better if you go for the high VG. It has better quality, taste, and it’s easy on your throat.


Maintain Your Liquids

There is much more to vape liquids than just buying them and putting them in your device.

If you simply add the juice in your vape device, then it might not give you the best experience. Instead, you can try to shake it up before using it. Shaking mixes up the content of the juice, and makes it more even.

You also need to keep your vape liquids away from sunlight. Otherwise, direct sunlight can reduce its nicotine levels.

You can leave the juice bottle open if the flavor is intense. But keeping it open for more than 20 minutes can reduce the taste.

If the flavor seems stale or not how it was, then you can keep the bottle in a dark place for a week or two. It will get back to normal.



You need to regularly clean the tank of your vape device.

Once a week, you can easily disassemble your vape device, throw out the liquid, and run the tank as well as the mouthpiece under hot water.

If you have menthols, citrus, cinnamon, or essential oils in your flavors, then avoid using a plastic tank. The reason is that the plastic container can easily break.

If you want to use multiple flavors, then try to use different tanks. That is why it is good to keep more than one tank handy.