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Are you looking for a quality dry herb vaporizer, but don’t have a lot of cash to spend? This selection of budget dry herb vapes will give you more bang for your buck!

Looking to move away from the bong? You should try vaporizing your herb! These days, a lot of people are slowly gravitating away from bong rips in favor of vaporizers, and once you try vaping, it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s a bit healthier for you than smoking from bongs. It’s a cleaner, more potent high, and tastes better in my opinion. Herbal vaping has changed the way people consume cannabis and you want to get in on the vaping experience. Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Don’t worry about it! You can still get a decent herbal vaporizer without dropping hundreds of dollars.

G Slim Herbal Vaporizer Pen

When you’re on a tight budget, (and let’s be honest a lot of us are these days) you can’t go wrong with a portable vaporizer pen like the G Slim Herbal Vaporizer Pen. Dry herb vape pens make great starter vapes because they’re inexpensive, easy to maintain and easy to use. Vape pens use conduction heating; the herb is vaporized through direct contact with the heating source. This is what enables them to be so portable. If there is a downside to vape pens, it’s that some of the cheaper ones don’t last as long. If you’re looking for something a little more of an investment, but still reasonably priced, you will love this next one!

DaVinci Vaporizer

The DaVinci vaporizer is a bit costlier than the G Slim dry herb vape pen, but it’s a fine quality vaporizer for those who want just a little more control over their vaping experience. The DaVinci features manual temperature settings, which are perfect for those who are more particular about their temperature control. The vapor quality is due to the stainless steel heating element which uses a rapid transfer of heat to vaporize your herb. If convection heating is more your style, you should consider trying this next one.

Pax 2 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer


Those who understand quality know Pax is the right direction to turn for a premium vaping experience. However, one does not typically find a Pax at a budget price. That is until now. The Pax 2 portable dry herb vaporizer is now available for a much lower price than ever before! You’ll love the polished anodized aluminum shell which feels so smooth and cool in your hand. The four temperature setting is easy to understand and easy to adjust. With a warm-up time of less than a minute, the Pax 2 is a great traveling companion, and a reliable one too!

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

Convection vaporizers don’t have to cost you a bundle. The Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer at a portable price. This sleek and modern dry herb vaporizer has a convection heating system, complete with a stainless-steel heating chamber, which allows heat to pass through the bud. This is different from a conduction vaporizer and preferred by many vaping enthusiasts.

Vapir Prima Vaporizer

The Vapir Prima Vaporizer is an excellent deal because it is compatible with both dry herb as well as concentrates, allowing you to switch up your style as you please. This portable dry herb vaporizer comes with a four-temperature heat setting, a sleek aluminum body, and best of all a 5-year warranty! The Vapir Prima is only 6 inches long, enabling the user to easily transport it in their pocket or purse.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Are you looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer that is not only affordable but has a more panache? The Magic Flight Launch Box has been one of the most consistently popular dry herb vaporizers on the market for years. Each Launch Box comes in either the classic design with a sleek wood finish or with a beautiful laser engraved design such as a Celtic tree or a labyrinth. This efficient and clean vapor production device is perfect for the more environmentally conscious cannabis lover.

KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer | 24K Edition

The K-Vape Vaporizer from KandyPens is perfect for taking your dry herb with you to parties and festivals. This vape pen comes in a sexy black casing with gold trim or an elegant white casing with the same gold trim. The stainless steel heating tank holds over 0.5g of finely ground dry herb. Three different temperature settings help you find the optimum temperature for vaping your favorite strains.

Grenco Science G Pen Elite Herbal Vaporizer Pen

This vape pen from Grenco is the perfect vaporizer for those who want to be discreet with their habit. At just over four inches long, the Grenco G Pen Elite can easily be concealed in the palm of your hand, to be enjoyed on a whim wherever the night takes you! The clear LED digital display and precise temperature control make it easy for you to vape your greens using just the right amount of heat.

Life Saber Vaporizer

Seventh Floor’s Life Saber dry herb vaporizer is sure to bring you an out of this world vaping experience at a price that is pretty stellar too. The Life Saber is made from anodized aluminum and uses a high quality ceramic heating element to bring you a quick and efficient heat up time. This durable and sturdy vaporizer was built to last! The kit comes with a glass wand and heating cover, as well as a stylish hemp bag perfect for traveling!

Exxus Mini Vaporizer

Convection vaporizers do not always have to be large and expensive. Often, they can fit snugly in your pocket, ready for whenever you need a quick pick me up. The anodized heating chamber of this neat little vape uses hot air to vape your herbs in 30 seconds. The Exxus powers on with three quick clicks of the power button and the built-in safety feature powers the device off after four minutes. The digital display puts all of the control in your hands. The Exxus is easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to maintain. It makes a great gift for a friend, or yourself!

Budget vapes don’t have to be cheaply made to save you money. They come in all shapes and sizes, in many different designs and are enjoyed by beginners and stoner sages alike! Inhale the fresh taste of the vapor of dry herb at a price that is just right for you!